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Super Smash Bros 1.1.0 Patch DLC Priced, Unofficial Notes Compiled

By Jenni . July 31, 2015 . 1:00pm

New costumes and balance adjustments have come to Super Smash Bros, and details about each have been revealed.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee 20XX Tournament Edition Puts All The Best Mods Into One Package

By Chris . March 27, 2015 . 12:28pm

You can pre-order a GameCube memory card for $15 with 20XX Tournament Edition on it. Otherwise you can download it for free this August.

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Leftover Deals: $10 Off Super Smash Bros. & Little Big Planet 3

By Viet . December 4, 2014 . 2:30pm

The deals haven’t run dry yet: from $10 off Super Smash Bros. to free PS4 camera in the PlayStation 4 holiday bundle.

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Valkryia Chronicles $14 Steam Key & Super Smash Bros Deals

By Viet . November 6, 2014 . 3:32pm

This week’s deals include pre-orders of Valkyria Chronicles on PC and Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

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Super Smash Bros. Gets “Harmony of Heroes” Fan Album

By Ishaan . October 2, 2014 . 2:00pm

“Harmony of Heroes” is a new Super Smash Bros. music album being organized by some of the same fans behind the Metroid Harmony of a Hunter album.

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Xenoblade’s Riki Will Be An Assist Trophy In Super Smash Bros., Too

By Ishaan . September 1, 2014 . 11:27am

Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles will appear both as part of Shulk’s Final Smash and as an Assist Trophy.

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EVO 2013 Streams Are Live Now

By Ishaan . July 14, 2013 . 7:30am

The annual EVO fighting game championship series is on this weekend, and there are three official streams to keep track of, with a schedule for the entire event available courtesy of

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Namco Bandai Will Act As An External Developer And Make More Social Games

By Spencer . November 5, 2012 . 2:24pm

Before Namco and Bandai merged, Bandai always outsourced video game development. Now, Bandai Namco Games is accepting development contracts.

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The Original Super Smash Bros. Is This Week’s Club Nintendo Reward

By Ishaan . September 4, 2012 . 1:30pm

Grab the original Nintendo 64 game for 200 Club Nintendo coins.

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Tekken Producer On Why Nintendo Chose Namco Bandai For Super Smash Bros.

By Spencer . August 24, 2012 . 6:41pm

“I think Nintendo chose us just because Smash Brothers is a fighting game. We have over 17 years of continuously developing titles in our franchise [Tekken], I think they felt we were a choice for that.”

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Before Super Smash Brothers there was Kart Fighter

By Spencer . July 5, 2006 . 11:27am

A Super Mario Brothers based fighting game on the NES, hard to believe isn’t it? While the game did come out for the Famicom it wasn’t developed by Nintendo, it wasn’t even licensed for the system. Kart Fighter is actually a bootleg cartridge that began circulating after Super Mario Kart was released for the Super […]

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More thoughts on Dream Characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

By Spencer . June 18, 2006 . 2:15pm

Two weeks ago we posted an article about non Nintendo “Dream characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl” where we picked out a handful of mascots and stars that we hope will make the Smash Brothers cut. Sonic, Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia) and Mega Man were popular choices from our list. While our readers posted their […]

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Dream characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

By Spencer . June 6, 2006 . 1:05pm

Everyone’s excited about the news straight from Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, that there’s going to be a couple extra non-Nintendo characters aside from Snake coming to the Wii fighting game. The only rule for a character to join the ranks is that they had to already been in a game […]

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Screens of Snake in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

By Spencer . June 1, 2006 . 11:28am

We have three new screenshots of the surprise mystery contestant, Snake. Snake will not use guns, instead he will use explosives. Beyond that no one knows what Snake is going to unleash against Link, Mario and Kirby.  

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Super Smash Brothers Brawl screenshots

By Spencer . May 18, 2006 . 4:05pm

Coming out for the Nintendo Wii is the next installment of the Super Smash Brother series, Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The game brings back classic fighters like Mario, Link (decked out in Twilight Princess garb), Kirby and Pikachu. Newcomers to Nintendo’s free for all battle include Metaknight (Kirby), Pit (Kid Icarus), Zero Suit Samus, Wario […]