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Infiltrate And Assassinate In A Syndicate Co-op Demo This Month

By Ishaan . January 17, 2012 . 11:30am

Electronic Arts will release a four-player co-op demo for their Syndicate reboot at the end of January.

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New Syndicate Game, Has Nine Missions From The Original

By Spencer . January 3, 2012 . 10:26pm

While the original game from 1993 was a tactics game, Syndicate for 2012 is a squad based shooter. As a nod to the classic, Starbreeze recreated nine missions from the PC game for the Syndicate shooter.

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Extract Upgrades For Yourself From Enemies In Syndicate

By Ishaan . December 17, 2011 . 12:00pm

In Syndicate, you’re equipped with a skull-embedded chip that allows you to use different applications like slowing down time or causing enemies to turn on themselves.

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Blaze Through The First Trailer Of EA’s Syndicate Reboot

By Ishaan . September 29, 2011 . 5:02pm

Electronic Arts show off the first trailer for the upcoming Syndicate first-person shooter.

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Electronic Arts’ Cyberpunk Style Game Syndicate Finally Revealed

By Ishaan . September 12, 2011 . 11:35am

EA are bringing the cyberpunk-esque Syndicate franchise back as a first-person shooter.

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More Pages From The Leaked Syndicate Script

By Spencer . May 26, 2011 . 3:02pm

Portions of the script reveal elements from Syndicate Wars are in the next Syndicate title. One character is a priest in The Church of the New Epoch. Another tidbit is Eurocorp’s chip may only be available to the affluent.

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Syndicate Script Leak Gives Us A First Look At EA’s Cyberpunk Game

By Spencer . May 25, 2011 . 5:50pm

Siliconera acquired chunks of the script for the upcoming Syndicate game. This sets up a familiar world – a dystopia where a chip called Dart can alter your memories. A resistance exists and the main character’s parents are part of it, but their fate is… grim.

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