Post 195082

Scenes From The English Version Of Tales Of Graces f

By Spencer . February 24, 2012 . 1:40am

Finally, we have a look at the English version of Tales of Graces f. A few screenshots of the localized version were released by Namco Bandai.

Post 191859

Tales Of Graces F’s Japanese Pre-Order Bonus Offered At Gamestop

By Spencer . February 10, 2012 . 4:38pm

In Japan, Namco Bandai offered Tales of Destiny costumes for Asbel, Sophie, and Richard as a pre-order bonus for Tales of Graces f.

Post 180209

Tales Series Interview Part 1: Hideo Baba On Graces F And Xillia

By Spencer . December 21, 2011 . 1:30pm

“We had one goal when we decided to make the PS3 version [of Tales of Graces f]. We wanted to add something extra for our fans to enjoy, and give a deeper look into the story and gameplay.”

Post 178551

Europe Has To Wait Until Summer For Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . December 14, 2011 . 4:04pm

Namco Bandai set March 15 as the release date for Tales of Graces f in North America. Unfortunately, PAL gamers are going to have to wait until summer to find out which characters have “eternal bonds of friendship”.

Post 177434

Tales Of Graces F Is Coming To North America On March 13

By Spencer . December 9, 2011 . 12:57pm

OK, Tales fans, everyone put your hands in and remember to always be friends.

Post 166244

Namco Bandai Wants To Bring "Tales" Titles Beyond Graces And Abyss To The States

By Spencer . October 25, 2011 . 2:00pm

Also why was Tales of the Abyss delayed to February 2012 in North America?

Post 145490

Namco Celebrate Tales’ 15th Anniversary With Budget Re-Releases In Japan

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 10:03am

Namco are re-releasing older Tales games on PSP and PlayStation 3 as budget titles to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary.

Post 141533

Tales HD Ports In Consideration, More Tales For 3DS, Graces f In Summer 2012

By Ishaan . July 4, 2011 . 12:05pm

“Actually we are planning for a [European] release in summer 2012,” says Tales Studio executive, Makoto Yoshizumi, about Tales of Graces f.

Post 129617

No Tales Of Graces F Until 2012, But North America Gets Tales Of The Abyss This Year

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 9:53am

The “f” in Tales of Graces f really stands for future. Echoing the news from Europe, Namco Bandai announced Tales of Graces f is a 2012 game in North America too.

Post 129459

Tales of Graces F To Be Told In Europe In 2012, Tales of the Abyss Confirmed

By Ishaan . May 11, 2011 . 12:01am

Europeans, don’t hold your breath for a Tales of Graces F release this year.

Post 115738

Rune Factory Frontier And Tales of Graces Enter Wii Budget Line

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 4:05pm

Both games, with Gold ratings, will go on sale March 24th.

Post 114415

Namco Bandai’s Iwai Discusses Developer Partnerships And The Company’s Fan Focus

By Spencer . February 9, 2011 . 1:42pm

We caught up with Makoto Iwai, Bandai Label President, and asked what’s going on with Game Republic, Naruto developer CyberConnect2, and how the partnership with Dark Souls developer From Software formed.

Post 114122

A Twist Of Graces In Gods Eater Burst

By Ishaan . February 8, 2011 . 8:26am

Tales of Graces costumes are coming to Gods Eater Burst in Japan.

Post 113617

Fan Requests Influenced Namco Bandai’s Decision To Localize Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 9:05am

When Namco Bandai confirmed Tales of Graces F for North America during their press event, Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, mentioned there were over 50,000 requests asking for Tales.

Post 113169

Tales of Graces F Officially Announced For U.S. Release

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 2:20pm

Yes, Tales of Graces F is being published in North America. That’s all we know for now.

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