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Ain’t No Party Like A Bandai Namco Tales Of Series Party

By Sato . April 3, 2014 . 5:03pm

Bandai Namco recently held a Tales celebration event aboard a luxury restauran cruiser in Japan.

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Tales Of Link Gameplay Footage Looks A Little Bit Like Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

By Spencer . March 2, 2014 . 11:58pm

Tales of Link has a new story that follows Shiza and Sara who are on a quest to seal the Seed of Disaster. The game also has a bunch of returning Tales characters like Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia and Senel Coolidge (actually multiple Senels) from Tales of Legendia too.

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The Tales Team Simply Doesn’t Have Enough Staff To Localize Every Game

By Cheng Kai . October 25, 2013 . 5:19pm

In our exclusive interview with Tales series producer Hideo Baba, we asked the venerable producer on his thoughts on remaking past Tales games, selecting titles to localize, and expanding the series into smartphone territory.

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Tales Of Link Is A Brand New Tales Game With Familiar Faces

By Spencer . October 16, 2013 . 3:11pm

Tales of Link is a new game in the Tales series where you go on a quest to seal the Seed of Disaster. You guide Shiza, a young swordsman, and a spunky looking adventurer named Sara.

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Tales Of Link Shares Its Story And A Look At Four Key Characters

By Sato . September 11, 2013 . 7:45pm

Namco Bandai introduce the characters of their upcoming Tales game for smartphones, Tales of Link.

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Tales Of Link Has Gorgeous Concept Art

By Spencer . August 27, 2013 . 10:49pm

The upcoming game Tales game is a free to play title for iOS and Android with new characters like Sara.

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Namco Bandai Introduces Four Characters In Tales Of Link

By Sato . August 27, 2013 . 5:40am

Tales of Link is an upcoming game for smartphones. Sara is a new adventurer who left her village for a certain reason. She meets Rippi along her journey, as they both search for the “Savior”.

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Tales Of Link? Tales of Ansis? Tales Of Jin? Yeah, More Tales Trademarks

By Spencer . August 12, 2013 . 10:16pm

In addition to the Tales of Zestoria, Tales of Creales, and Tales of Catastora trademarks we found three more Tales trademarks.