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This Week In Sales: Metal Gear Rises With A Revengeance

By Ishaan . February 27, 2013 . 12:50pm

Metal Gear isn’t known for being a stylish action game, but that didn’t stop a lot of people from picking up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in Japan.

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Tank! Tank! Tank! For Wii U Goes Free-To-Play In Europe

By Ishaan . February 13, 2013 . 10:30am

Tank! Tank! Tank! is going free-to-play in Europe, Namco Bandai have announced.

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Namco Bandai Turning Wii U Game Into A Free-to-Play Title

By Spencer . December 25, 2012 . 2:00pm

Tomorrow, Namco Bandai is taking a different approach with Tank! Tank! Tank! – they’re turning it into an upgradable demo.

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The Best Part Of Tank! Tank! Tank! Is When You’re A Monkey

By Spencer . November 30, 2012 . 3:18pm

I first played Tank! Tank! Tank! in arcades and the Wii U version is essentially a port. You start Tank! Tank! Tank! by taking a picture with the GamePad and selecting a wacky helmet or pirate hat to identify your tank on the map.

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Namco Bandai’s Wii U Game, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Then And Now

By Spencer . August 15, 2012 . 4:00pm

Namco Bandai has Tank! Tank! Tank! lined up as a Wii U launch window title. Players drive tanks, scoop up weapon powerups, and work together to shoot each other or kaiju style creatures.

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Tank! Tank! Tank!, The Multiplayer Party Game With Guns

By Ishaan . August 14, 2012 . 10:00am

A new trailer for Namco Bandai’s multiplayer party game, Tank! Tank! Tank!, on the Wii U.

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Tank! Tank! Tank! Is A Game For Godzilla Fans Who Also Love Heavy Artillery

By Spencer . June 7, 2012 . 5:20pm

I first saw Tank! Tank! Tank! in a Japanese arcade. I saw it again today at Namco Bandai’s E3 booth, which had the Wii U version available to play. Tank! Tank! Tank! is essentially a kaiju shooting game you can play with your friends.

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A List Of Wii U Launch Games (Nintendo Will Publish Ninja Gaiden 3?!)

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 6:37pm

Nintendo of America have released a partial list of Wii U games that are expected from various publishers in the near future.

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Tank! Tank! Tank! For Wii U Pits Tiny Tanks Against Giant Dragons

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 12:56pm

In Tank! Tank! Tank!, you can either play cooperatively or competitively with up to four players.

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