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Charity Art Show For Animal Rescue Combines Animals With Videogames

By Ishaan . January 12, 2013 . 12:00pm

Press Paws is a charity art show with an “animals in videogames” theme. The goal of the show is to raise money for a local dog rescue initiative by selling artwork.

Post 267704

Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Controller Comes With Transforming D-Pad

By Ishaan . January 10, 2013 . 11:10am

Microsoft and Square Enix are teaming up to release a special Tomb Raider-themed controller for the Xbox 360.

Post 266950

A Glimpse Of Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer Shows Weapons, Traps And More

By Ishaan . January 8, 2013 . 12:00pm

Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will have a multiplayer mode, which is being worked on by Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer, Eidos Montreal.

Post 266261

Tomb Raider’s New Lara Croft Is Still Rich, But There’s A Catch

By Ishaan . January 6, 2013 . 10:30am

According to Tomb Raider writer, Rhianna Pratchett, Lara still comes from a wealthy background. She just chooses not to flaunt her wealth.

Post 265122

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Developer Working On Tomb Raider Multiplayer

By Ishaan . December 28, 2012 . 11:05am

Eidos Montreal, the developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, are collaborating with Crystal Dynamics on the new Tomb Raider reboot.

Post 262649

Tomb Raider Developer Diary Shows Off Base Camp And Upgrade System

By Ishaan . December 17, 2012 . 12:50pm

An overview of Tomb Raider’s base camp and other features such as the game’s upgrade system.

Post 260525

Lara Shows Off Her Combat Skills In New Tomb Raider Trailer

By Ishaan . December 8, 2012 . 11:00am

Square Enix’s new Tomb Raider trailer shows Lara taking out enemies with the help of her various tools and weapons.

Post 258854

Crystal Dynamics Created A New Musical Instrument For Tomb Raider’s Music

By Ishaan . November 30, 2012 . 8:30am

A new behind-the-scenes feature shows the creation of music and sound for Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot.

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Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Includes Lara Croft Play Arts Figurine

By Ishaan . November 12, 2012 . 5:30pm

Square Enix are prepping a collector’s edition of Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Tomb Raider Gameplay Presentation Shows Off 30 Minutes Of Footage

By Ishaan . October 17, 2012 . 2:30pm

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo, Crystal Dynamics held an hour-long presentation of the new Tomb Raider reboot.

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Tomb Raider’s Retailer Specific Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

By Ishaan . October 9, 2012 . 9:00am

Tomb Raider’s “first wave” of pre-order bonuses will be different at Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy.

Post 245187

Tomb Raider Developer Diary Video Discusses The Game’s Writing

By Ishaan . October 2, 2012 . 12:13pm

Crystal Dynamics have released the second in a series of ongoing behind-the-scenes videos for their upcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

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Tomb Raider Hands-On: When Mechanics And Tone Clash

By Kris . October 1, 2012 . 12:50pm

The Tomb Raider demo I played started with a wounded, hungry Lara Croft trying to reunite with her friends.

Post 233631

How Lara Croft Gets Her Bow In Tomb Raider

By Spencer . August 15, 2012 . 5:03pm

Battered and hungry, Lara Croft spots a bow tied to a dangling corpse. In Tomb Raider, players have to climb on to a building and hop on to a tree branch.

Post 225597

Tomb Raider Hands-On: Use Experience Points To Teach Lara Skills

By Spencer . July 13, 2012 . 11:20am

Lara Croft will grow in Tomb Raider because you get XP (survival points) for doing just about everything.

Post 225213

Tomb Raider Reboot Written By Mirror’s Edge and Overlord’s Rhianna Pratchet

By Ishaan . July 12, 2012 . 12:41pm

Award-winning writer, Rhianna Pratchet, is penning the Tomb Raider reboot, Crystal Dynamics have announced.

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