Post 294671

Toukiden’s Vita Action Demo Updated With A Patch

By Spencer . May 7, 2013 . 10:36pm

The demo has a bunch of gameplay tweaks like increasing movement speed, adjusting attack speed, increasing your energy recovery. and a bunch of weapon modifications.

Post 293368

Second Toukiden Demo In Development For PSP And Vita

By Ishaan . May 1, 2013 . 10:00am

A second Toukiden demo is being developed for the PlayStation Vita, and this one will be released simultaneously on the PSP as well.

Post 291103

Take A Tour Of Toukiden’s Utakata Village

By Sato . April 19, 2013 . 12:36am

All great hunters need a place to rest when they’re not hunting giant dragons (or in this case, demons).

Post 288255

New Toukiden Screenshots Show The Dual Blades And Spear

By Spencer . April 5, 2013 . 5:30pm

The Dual Blades deal slashing and piercing damage. You can hit enemies with rapid strikes with the Dual Blades on the ground or in the air. Dual blades also give the warrior a whirlwind attack.

Post 287243

Toukiden, Tecmo Koei’s Oni Hunting Game, Adds Dual Swords And Spear Weapons

By Spencer . April 2, 2013 . 10:05pm

Toukiden, a historical hunting game from the makers of Dynasty Warriors, has at least six weapons. We saw four of them earlier.

Post 287098

Done With Soul Sacrifice? Tecmo Koei Has An Oni Hunting Game For Vita And PSP

By Spencer . April 2, 2013 . 2:30pm

Toukiden has Japanese flair to it and artwork from the character designer on Atelier Ayesha. Players can use four different oni slaying weapons: a sword, bow, gauntlets, and kusarigama.

Post 286478

Toukiden To Get PlayStation Vita Bundle, Slated For June Release

By Ishaan . March 31, 2013 . 10:30am

The next hunting action game to see a PlayStation Vita bundle in Japan is Tecmo Koei’s Toukiden.

Post 284371

Toukiden’s Four Oni Slaying Weapons Revealed

By Spencer . March 21, 2013 . 1:15am

Toukiden, the hunting game from Tecmo Koei and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, has players hunt Oni. Your warrior can pick one of four weapons to use: Long Sword, Bow, Gauntlets, and Kusarigama.

Post 284129

Toukiden Tidbits Reveal Weapons And Battle Styles For Tecmo Koei’s Oni Hunting Game

By Spencer . March 20, 2013 . 12:58am

Tecmo Koei and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force are developing a cross platform hunting game for PSP and PlayStation Vita. In Toukiden you play as a warrior that takes down Oni.

Post 276453

Tecmo Koei Will Release A Demo For Toukiden

By Spencer . February 12, 2013 . 10:54pm

Players will be able to try Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force’s historical demon hunting game before buying it. Famitsu reports a demo of the game will be released.

Post 276421

Atelier Ayesha Character Designer Working On Toukiden

By Spencer . February 12, 2013 . 3:04pm

The merging between Tecmo Koei and Gust continues with a member of the Atelier team working with Omega Force’s next title Toukiden.

Post 275471

Why You Are Hunting Demons In Tecmo Koei’s Historical Hunting Game, Toukiden

By Sato . February 8, 2013 . 12:50pm

After a long era of peace, a great disaster occurred. The heavens and earth were split as the time warped, suddenly, a vast amount of demons began to overflow the land.

Post 274558

A Historical Demon Hunting Game From The Makers Of Dynasty Warriors

By Sato . February 5, 2013 . 3:04pm

Toukiden is a historical hunting game where you play as a warrior named Mononofu, who is out to take on demons.

Post 245335

Toukiden, Omega Force’s PSP/Vita Game, Is About Killing Giant Demons

By Spencer . October 3, 2012 . 12:29am

At the Tokyo PlayStation press conference, Sony announced Toukiden from Tecmo Koei and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force with a teaser trailer.

Post 242070

Toukiden Announced For PSP And PlayStation Vita

By Ishaan . September 18, 2012 . 10:11pm

The game will feature cross-platform play between the PSP and Vita versions.

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