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Final Fantasy XIII Elixir Formula Optimized To Restore HP

By Spencer . December 8, 2009 . 1:09pm

Suntory upped the amount of royal jelly and caffeine for the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir soft drink. A one-day supply of thiamine and B6 were also added to relieve fatigue.

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Drink Elixirs, Collect Final Fantasy XIII Trading Arts

By Spencer . October 22, 2009 . 12:12am

Every year, right around the holidays, there are at least two kinds of Final Fantasy soft drinks. Cans and cans with miniature Final Fantasy stars.

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A New Atlus Plushona Joins The Party

By Spencer . June 17, 2009 . 1:00pm

Consumer video games is the main source of revenue for Atlus. OK, sticker machines too. Like many Japanese publishers, Atlus is also dabbling with character goods by turning Personas into plushies.

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Atlus And Their Plushonas

By Spencer . March 20, 2009 . 8:03am

Ever dream of hugging a soft and super deformed Izanagi? Absolutely not? Well, now you can anyway!   Atlus has an Izanagi Pergurumi in their online store. The word mesh would be something like Per-plushie, but I think “Plushona” sounds better in English so we’ll go with that. You can get the 23 cm x […]

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Gallia’s Finest… In Bathing Suits, Sega’s New Valkyria Chronicles Figures

By Spencer . March 17, 2009 . 11:49am

Valkyria Chronicles is getting a wave of attention in Japan. The PlayStation 3 game was just re-released with budget PlayStation 3 the Best packaging and the anime airs next month. In the middle of the blitz Sega is stocking capsule machines with another set of Valkyria Chronicles figures. The second collection has five characters on […]

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gets Trading Arts

By Spencer . February 17, 2009 . 3:01am

Square Enix knows how to profit from character goods. That’s why they took hero designs from Dissidia: Final Fantasy and made them into trading arts figures. Unlike Square Enix’s other trading arts toys these aren’t minuscule statues. Each pre-painted figure is around 5″ tall and goes for about $13 depending where you import them.   […]

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This Mr. Saturn Plushie Almost Costs As Much As A Nintendo DS

By Spencer . January 30, 2009 . 11:06am

Banpresto is selling a giant sized Mr. Saturn doll. It’s 45 centimeters (we’ll round that to 1.5 feet) tall! Unfortunately, a gift like this is hard to come by.   I’m not talking about the only in Japan kind of limited. You have to be lucky to even buy one. Only 500 giant Mr. Saturns […]

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Pre-order Devil Summoner 2, Get A Raiho Plushie

By Spencer . January 27, 2009 . 12:21pm

Gamefly didn’t lead us astray. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 – Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon is on track to come out here on May 12 for $39.99. As a bonus every launch copy of Devil Summoner 2 will be numbered and come with a coveted Raiho plushie.   Atlus makes it clear that […]

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Capcom Crams Figures And Anime Inside Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition

By Spencer . December 5, 2008 . 10:22am

When publishers say “Collector’s Edition” they usually mean a metal case, some kind of special downloadable content, and a soundtrack CD. Capcom is raising our expectations of what a Collector’s Edition can be today with their Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition. This package contains two figures one of fan favorite Ryu and one of newcomer […]

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Patapon Plushies March To Stores This December

By Spencer . December 2, 2008 . 11:45am

The loveable Patapon are getting 100% more huggable thanks to Medicom Toy, the company that makes Kubrick collectibles. Sometime later this month Rolito’s creation is going to be sold as a plush doll in Japan for 3,990 yen ($42) each. At that price the stuffed Patapon isn’t really a stocking stuffer since you can purchase […]

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Another Round Of Adorable Final Fantasy Figures

By Spencer . November 3, 2008 . 5:45pm

Square Enix is on its third series of Final Fantasy miniature trading figures. The first one included Cloud and Yuna. The second batch contained Squall and Tifa. Who is in set three? Tidus, Aeris or Aerith if you prefer, Rikku, Fran, and Balthier. Only one Final Fantasy VII character per batch folks. This group is […]

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Square Enix strengthen ties with Snoopy

By Spencer . September 16, 2008 . 12:59am

We get it Square Enix, you love Snoopy. First you announce Snoopy DS: Let’s Go Meet Snoopy and His Friends which comes out in Japan on October 9 and now a bundle of Snoopy Formation Arts figures are sitting in your store. The five pack of Snoopy toys runs for 5,920 yen ($56) which makes […]

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The other reason to buy Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida or2 at stores

By Spencer . September 16, 2008 . 12:40am

In October Sony’s two tiered price structure for first party PSP games starts in Japan. Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida or2, an expanded sequel to last year’s awesome dungeon management simulator with blocky Dragon Quest inspired graphics, will be a distributed as a downloadable PlayStation Network game and in retail stores. About a 1,000 yen […]

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Even the Sony cat celebrates 30 years of Space Invaders

By Spencer . September 11, 2008 . 12:05am

Toro, the Sony cat and star of the freebie PSN game Mainichi Issho, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders by wearing teeny, tiny Space Invaders clothes. These three limited edition Toro dolls will be sold in Japan sometime this month for an unknown price. Like other Toro merchandise these plush toys won’t be […]

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Sega makes Valkyria Chronicles capsule toys

By Spencer . August 18, 2008 . 8:46pm

It’s only a few months until Valkyria Chronicles comes out in November. In Japan it’s a different story. Valkyria Chronicles has been around since April and gashapon toy maker Yujin already released a series of Valkyria Chronicles toys in stores. The set has five toys in all. You can see Alicia, Isara, Rosie, and Eleanor […]

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