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The Game Formerly Known As True Crime: Hong Kong Will Come Out Next Year

By Spencer . August 4, 2011 . 4:03pm

An update about Square Enix’s True Crime: Hong Kong pick up.

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Square Enix Revive True Crime: Hong Kong With A Phoenix Down

By Ishaan . August 1, 2011 . 1:32pm

Earlier this year, Activision cancelled a game called True Crime: Hong Kong, following the story of Detective Wei Shen. That game has now been picked up by Square Enix.

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More Leaked Pages From The True Crime: Hong Kong Script

By Spencer . May 12, 2011 . 3:19pm

In today’s True Crime: Hong Kong script leak, we meet a new character, Mikey, who isn’t exactly friends with Wei.

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True Crime: Hong Kong Leaked Script Shines Light On Activision’s Canceled Game

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 5:35pm

We’ve obtained pages from an October 2010 draft of the True Crime: Hong Kong script. While a bit dated, this cutscene gives us a glimpse at what Activision didn’t reveal much about, the now-canceled game’s story.

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