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Fate/Extella Link’s First Screenshots Show Us The New Hero Charlemagne And Master

By Sato . August 30, 2017 . 12:30am

The recently revealed Fate/Extella Link shared a first look over at the action game’s official website, providing us with a first look at the new hero Charlemagne and some more direct-feed screenshots.

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A New Fate/Extella Game Expected To Be Revealed On August 30

By Sato . August 21, 2017 . 1:30am

Marvelous and Type-Moon launched a teaser site for a new Fate/Extella title that is in the works. Information on the new title will be revealed on August 30, 2017.

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Imageepoch Investing Heavily In Type-Moon Collaboration

By Spencer . July 20, 2011 . 1:59am

Black Rock Shooter: The Game developer Imageepoch has ten titles in development.

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Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Delayed To “Sometime” In 2011

By Ishaan . March 7, 2011 . 11:09am

Type-Moon’s next major visual novel has been delayed yet again.

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Kadokawa Shoten Summon Fate/Extra Visual Fanbook

By Ishaan . February 27, 2011 . 4:30pm

Imageepoch’s and Type-Moon’s alternate re-telling of Fate/stay Night now has a nice, thick visual fanbook.

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Fate/zero Novel To Be Animated By Ufotable

By Ishaan . December 25, 2010 . 12:03pm

The fourth Holy Grail War is joining Type-Moon’s animated library.

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Imageepoch Has Another Type-Moon Game And A Classic Series Turned JRPG Project

By Spencer . November 24, 2010 . 12:02am

In 2012, Imageepoch will announce four more titles. Today, the studio gave vague details about each of them during a press conference.

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Fate/Extra Playtest: An Extra For Type-Moon Fans

By Melinda . November 11, 2010 . 1:01pm

Fate/Extra relies on an interesting battle system that requires you to predict your opponent’s moves, but the game isn’t for everyone.

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Saber Alter Statue And Fate/Complete Material III Lead Type-Moon Merchandise

By Ishaan . October 10, 2010 . 12:01pm

Let’s take a look at what Type-Moon have coming out over the next few months.

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Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray Box Set Has English Subs

By Ishaan . September 4, 2010 . 10:29am

Included in the set will be a bonus disc containing a new, final chapter.

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Look Who’s In Fate/Extra

By Ishaan . September 2, 2010 . 6:01pm

It’s been a while since Fate/Extra was released, but Marvelous and Famitsu are still promoting the game.

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Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Delayed…Again

By Ishaan . September 2, 2010 . 5:38pm

Whatever could be the cause?

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In Anticipation Of Type-Moon’s Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

By EvoSpace . July 31, 2010 . 5:40pm

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru isn’t going to be just another visual novel release when it is published this September. It’s going to be a historical accomplishment in the visual novel industry.

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This Week In Sales: Fate/Extra Masters The #2 Spot

By Ishaan . July 30, 2010 . 6:05pm

While Fate/Extra couldn’t crash Nintendo’s Wii Party, it still debuted very respectably for a Marvelous game.

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Fate/Extra Extended Battle Video

By Ishaan . July 18, 2010 . 7:21pm

Your first extended look at school life and dungeon-crawling in Fate/Extra.