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ClaDun: This is an RPG Playest: Super Nintendo Style Dungeon Crawling

By Jenni . September 7, 2010 . 12:51pm

Cladun takes place in a world called Arcanus Cella. Initially, it’s occupied by only Despina, a white haired sorceress hikikomori who seems quite content to live in her little home, on her own, with her egg familiar.

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The Last Remnant Lets You "Tear Them To Shreds!"

By Spencer . September 24, 2008 . 8:37am

During combat you don’t control a handful of god-like warriors in the Last Remnant, you control multiple parties each consisting of up to five characters. However, the command system is quite similar to your run of the mill turn based RPG. Instead of selecting fight you give each union commands like “time to get physical!” […]

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Sega’s Public San Francisco Valkyria Chronicles Shindig

By Spencer . September 22, 2008 . 9:26am

If you’re around the San Francisco area Sega is throwing a pre-launch Valkryia Chronicles event at the PlayStation Store in the Sony Metreon this Friday, September 26th. Ryutaro Nonaka, the Valkyria Chronicles Producer at Sega Japan, will be on hand to answer your questions and sign posters provided at the party. Sega will be giving […]

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Zoids Assault: The politics of strategy RPG war

By Louise . September 5, 2008 . 11:44am

Zoids Assault is another addition to the short list of SRPGs on the Xbox 360. It takes place amidst political turmoil between two factions that just don’t know how to get along. I didn’t pay much attention to the political jargon; I just wanted to get to the gameplay part of the game. I suggest […]

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Xbox 360 DLC sale is in all regions

By Spencer . September 5, 2008 . 11:28am

The September – October price break on cute, but useless Beautiful Katamari accessories and the meaty Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Shivering Isles expansion pack is in full swing. After I saw the post with eighteen pieces of discounted DLC I cycled through various regions to check if the sale was standard – it is providing […]

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Sega tells us why they kept the Japanese voice track in Yakuza 2

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 9:24pm

Yakuza had its moments, but the recognizable actors skewed the experience. Luke Skywalker’s voice jilted the illusion of exploring Japan. Sega rectified the issue in Yakuza 2 which includes the original Japanese voice acting with subtitles and no English voiceovers – a rare move. We spoke to Kevin Frane, Associate Producer at Sega, about the […]

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Is Square Enix working on a Bahamut Lagoon remake?

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 3:35pm

This is a long shot and a blind guess based on a recent Square Enix trademark for “Blood of Bahamut”. Bahamut Lagoon was a late Squaresoft developed Super Famicom game that blended a strategy RPG grid based combat with traditional 2D turn based battles. On second thought, the gameplay is kind of like ASH, at […]

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Oh right, Xseed is also working on Populous DS too

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 3:12pm

We may not see KORG DS-10 in North America next month and that’s reasonable. Xseed is busy doing other things like localizing Populous DS. They picked up the Nintendo DS remake from Electronic Arts which includes new gods and miracles. The top screen shows what the gods are doing while you control the action with […]

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Mario Super Sluggers: A baseball RPG hybrid draws near

By Spencer . September 3, 2008 . 11:58pm

Atomize Mario Super Sluggers to the the control scheme and it feels like an enhanced version of Wii Sports Baseball with a touch of additional depth. You still swing the remote to bat and pitch, but now you can charge both moves. A charged pitch is a timed motion that has players swing the remote […]

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Atlus considering to expand Trauma Center on other systems?

By Spencer . September 3, 2008 . 7:27pm

Since the Trauma Center series started it found a home on Nintendo consoles by taking advantage of the unique controls found on the Wii and DS. This could change. In a recent survey Atlus asked their fanbase if they would be interested to see Trauma Center games appear on other platforms such as the Xbox […]

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Iron Chef America impressions – a well baked Cooking Mama clone

By Louise . September 3, 2008 . 6:21pm

When I first saw Cooking Mama, I had the great idea of making an Iron Chef game. Unfortunately, Destineer already beat me to that since they’re coming out with Iron Chef America for the Wii and DS.   The Wii version has more cut scenes and voice overs, but overall the game play between the […]

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Q Entertainment sequencing Lumines for PSN

By Spencer . September 3, 2008 . 12:19pm

Lumines made its debut on the PSP so it’s fitting to see the musical block dropping game come out as a PlayStation Network download. However, it doesn’t look like much has changed in Lumines Supernova. The sequencer from Lumines II is incorporated in the PS3 version with a few more options and there is a […]

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Rygar rises from the dead, sees a release in December

By Spencer . September 2, 2008 . 3:43pm

Despite being absent at E3 Tecmo plans on releasing the Rygar on the Wii in North America this December. Don’t get too excited, Rygar: The Battle of Argus is not a new entry in the series, it’s a remake of Rygar: The Legendary Adventure which Tecmo released for the PS2 in 2002. The game has […]

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Bomberman Blast in brief

By Louise . September 1, 2008 . 5:45pm

Bomberman Blast takes advantage of the Wiimote controls by adding a couple new items. The rocket item allows players to shake the Wiimote when they’re in a tight spot to blast off the screen for a few seconds. Those…

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A lazy Labor Day with Super Mario RPG

By Spencer . September 1, 2008 . 9:13am

After 250 Wii-kly releases Super Mario RPG is finally here for only 800 Wii Points ($8). The price is sans Europe’s import tax and the unexplainable price hike Japan got. Today is a perfect day to spend leveling up Geno and working towards the fight with the ultimate boss. Clu Clu Land, a coin collecting […]

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