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Senjou no Valkyria renamed and confirmed for an international release

By Spencer . February 25, 2008 . 9:50am

Remember the beautiful looking strategy RPG Valkyria of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles? Sega announced they will be localizing it for an international release under the new name, Vakyria Chronicles. The cel-shaded RPG is set built with a Canvas engine, which gives the PlayStation 3 game a unique look as if it was a breathing watercolor […]

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Senjou no Valkyria slated for April, limited edition comes with toys

By Spencer . January 18, 2008 . 1:59pm

If you’re as excited about Sega’s gorgeous SRPG Senjou no Valkyria (Valkyrie of the Battlefield) as Rolando mark April 24th on your calendar. Sega will release Senjou no Valkyria on the region free PlayStation 3 in two flavors in Japan: a boring game only edition for 7,980 yen ($74) and a limited edition for 9,980 […]

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Watch – Valkyrie of the Battlefield December Trailer

By Rolando . December 21, 2007 . 8:01am

I don't know what's more interesting about Valkyrie of the Battlefield; the game's hybrid gameplay of a strategy RPG with third person shooter mechanics (conveniently known as BLITZ) or the game's sketch style cel-shaded graphics that highly resemble something you'd see out of a Miyazaki film. Regardless, no one can deny how visually impressive the […]

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New Screenshots of Valkyrie of the Battlefield

By Rolando . August 31, 2007 . 12:05pm

  Remember Valkyrie of the Battlefield, Sega's new IP for the PS3 that sported watercolor/canvas-esque graphics? Up until its announcement, nothing new had been mentioned of the game; now, though, new information has been revealed regarding the game's battle system and, for those who didn't believe the previous shot to be a representation of in-game […]

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Valkyrie of the Battlefield Art

By Rolando . July 25, 2007 . 7:14pm

  Valkyrie of the Battlefield was originally announced at the Playstation Premiere event sometime last week, and not much is known about the game at all aside from it being announced exclusively for the Playstation 3. When I visited the main site to see if any updates had been made, I came across this image […]