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Valhalla Knights: endless dungeons to test your patience

By Katie . April 18, 2007 . 10:17am

Since the time of my last writing, Valhalla Knights and I have struck up a kind of mutual understanding, despite a stalemate of wills. I’ve come to appreciate the grueling curve to its difficulty, while totally disregarding it in my mad dash to progress; the game keeps me in line, saying, “that is not how […]

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Becoming one of XSeed’s Valhalla Knights

By Spencer . April 17, 2007 . 12:21am

Katie has been plugging through Valhalla Knights, while I just started playing the game this weekend. I think something that hasn’t been made clear about Valhalla Knights is that it is not a story driven RPG. There is a flimsy story where you play as a human hero with no memory who is guided by […]

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First play with Valhalla Knights

By Katie . February 19, 2007 . 12:36pm

PSP may stand for Playstation Portable, but it’s hard to relate the sleek, black, universal media gizmo to the old grey box. It’s obviously more powerful, and capable of feats far removed from the home version that begat its name – all of which are the signs of unbelievable progress. Accompanying such progress are possibilities […]

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Valhalla Knights: XSeed talks about Norse mythology and robots

By Spencer . January 24, 2007 . 8:16pm

XSeed has been awfully quiet after releasing Shadow Hearts: From the New World last year, until they announced they picked up Valhalla Knights. Marvelous released the game in Japan last summer and it’s coming out in North America in just a few months. To find out more about XSeed’s latest project we spoke to Jimmy […]