Post 428391

Ninja Theory Talk About How They Created The Gamescom Trailer For Hellblade

By Ishaan . August 27, 2014 . 12:00pm

Ninja Theory have released their first developer diary for their upcoming action game, Hellblade.

Post 428018

Explore Entire Worlds Inside Old Cassette Tapes In This Game

By Chris . August 27, 2014 . 11:31am

If you grew up or lived through the 1980s and 1990s you’ll be very familiar with cassette and video tapes common to the era. It’s these that act as portals to new dimensions in Small Radios Big Televisions.

Post 427992

Freedom Wars DLC Enters Soul Sacrifice Delta

By Ishaan . August 26, 2014 . 3:30pm

Freedom Wars crossover DLC is now available for Soul Sacrifice Delta in the West.

Post 428070

New Bonkers iOS Space Combat Game Has Raptor Pilots And Talking Cats

By Chris . August 26, 2014 . 2:59pm

If you’ve ever wanted to fight dinosaurs in spaceships and be made a fool out of by talking cats, then you’ll want to give this a look.

Post 427451

This Is How MMO Black Desert Looks On Minimum Graphics

By Eugene . August 26, 2014 . 2:00pm

Surprisingly… not too bad!

Post 428299

Margaret Confirmed As Paid DLC For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax In North America

By Ishaan . August 26, 2014 . 11:58am

Margaret will be available one week after the game’s release.

Post 428202

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Trailer Features Type-0 Music

By Ishaan . August 26, 2014 . 10:28am

The latest trailer for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call features music from Final Fantasy Type-0.

Post 428209

Pokkén Tournament English Trailer Is Here

By Ishaan . August 26, 2014 . 6:43am

The Pokémon Company has officially announced Pokkén Tournament, complete with an English-language trailer.

Post 427869

Make Fan Art To Get This Psychedelic Game For Free

By Chris . August 25, 2014 . 5:29pm

All you have to do is make some fan art of the game and send it in for a free copy of it.

Post 427863

Cute Monsters Are The Suspects In This Playful Whodunnit Mystery On Kickstarter

By Chris . August 25, 2014 . 4:30pm

24 Killers has you play as a young skeleton who is tasked with finding out who has been possessing the townsfolk of a small island inhabited by monsters.

Post 427911

22 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Footage

By Ishaan . August 25, 2014 . 1:59pm

Konami have shared footage from the game’s Gamescom demo.

Post 426358

These Promotional Videos Have To Be The Oddest Way To Sell An FPS

By Eugene . August 25, 2014 . 1:28pm

And here we thought Japan had a monopoly on crazy, oddball commercials.

Post 427688

Inti Creates And Inafune Talk Mighty Gunvolt DLC

By Ishaan . August 25, 2014 . 11:00am

It sounds like Inti Creates and Inafune plan on using Mighty Gunvolt as a platform to promote Mighty No. 9.

Post 427225

Think You Can Break Out Of A Federal Prison? Prove It In The Escapists

By Chris . August 25, 2014 . 10:30am

The Escapists puts you inside an orange jumpsuit as an inmate of a federal prison. Your goal is simple: to escape. Except it’s not quite as straightforward as that makes out .

Post 427840

VA-11 HALL-A Is A Cyberpunk Bartending Sim Set In A Post-Dystopia Society

By Chris . August 25, 2014 . 9:59am

Sukeban Games’s cyberpunk bartender sim VA-11 HALL-A about waifus, technology, and the hard lives of post-dystopia citizens.

Post 426787

Dungeon Fighter Online Needs A Little More Time

By Eugene . August 24, 2014 . 2:02pm

Neople’s Global Project Leader Jerry said that the team is still “preparing lots of things” and note that it’s difficult for them to do everything for a global release all the way from Korea.

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