Post 477152

You’ll Have To Feel Out The Beautiful World Of Beyond Eyes For Its Blind Protagonist

By Chris . April 24, 2015 . 12:17pm

You help young blind girl Rae move through a beautiful water color world using scent, sound, and touch.

Post 475608

A Light In Chorus Will Have You Exploring The Secrets Of Ghostly, Overlapping Worlds

By Chris . April 24, 2015 . 10:27am

You manipulate an eerie world made of light particles to find the secret stories hidden inside.

Post 478028

Check Out The Costumes You Can Equip In New Atelier Rorona On 3DS

By Ishaan . April 24, 2015 . 9:00am

A new trailer for New Atelier Rorona on Nintendo 3DS shows off the game’s costume changing aspect.

Post 478023

Senran Kagura 2 Gets Its First English Gameplay Footage

By Ishaan . April 24, 2015 . 8:24am

Story and combat footage of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.

Post 477998

Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus Video Journeys Into New Dungeons

By Spencer . April 24, 2015 . 12:50am

Spike Chunsoft’s enhanced version of Shiren the Wanderer 5 includes all of the dungeons from the Nintendo DS version and some new dungeons made exclusively for the PlayStation Vita version.

Post 477267

HuCast Announces The Ghost Blade Will Be Out For Dreamcast This September

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 5:29pm

The 2D, retro-style shmup plays a like a game from the 1990s but has graphics more on par with today’s standards. It’s available to pre-order now.

Post 477100

Hover: Revolt of Gamers’ Alpha Has Seen A Number Of Improvements

By Ishaan . April 23, 2015 . 4:59pm

The developers have posted an update showing off the content and improvements that are present in the Steam alpha.

Post 477261

Memoranda Is Inspired By The Surreal Fiction Of Japanese Author Haruki Murakami

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 4:00pm

An adventure game that takes from the surrealism and alienation of Haruki Murakami’s fictions.

Post 477243

Desktop Dungeons Gets A Free Enhanced Edition That Adds Daily Challenges And More

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 3:31pm

If you already own Desktop Dungeons then you’ll get the Enhanced Edition for free and all that it brings. The game will also be coming to tablets soon.

Post 477271

Get A Look At One South Korean Studio’s Baffling RPG About Investigating Paranormal Activity

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 12:00pm

It’s a 3D action-adventure RPG with an open world to explore full of strange, fantastical creatures and monsters, with some multiplayer funcitonality too.

Post 477237

The Escapists Moves Away From Console Exclusivity On Xbox One, Now Also Heading To PS4

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 11:25am

Released on PC and Xbox One back in February, this prison escape game is now heading to PS4 too.

Post 477912

Sayonara Umihara Kawase + Arrives In Europe On PS Vita On April 30th

By Chris . April 23, 2015 . 10:03am

The European release date confirmed at last.

Post 477908

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Remake Coming To PC

By Ishaan . April 23, 2015 . 7:56am

The Steam version will feature an intro by Square Enix’s Visual Works studio, support for achievements and trading cards.

Post 477141

Adapting Kaiji’s High Risk Gambling Into An Online Multiplayer Game

By Chris . April 22, 2015 . 5:28pm

The creator of Restricted-RPS talks about how he adapted the gambling game played in the manga Kaiji to an online multiplayer format.

Post 477591

Watch Eiyuu Senki’s English Opening Movie

By Ishaan . April 22, 2015 . 4:31pm

Strategy RPG headed to North America, Europe, Australian, and New Zealand.