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Samurai Warriors 4-II Gets Its First Trailer And Screenshots

By Ishaan . May 20, 2015 . 6:23am

Koei Tecmo will release Samurai Warriors 4-II on September 29th in North America and October 2nd in Europe.

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Check Out The Day And Night Cycle In Hover: Revolt of Gamers

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 3:31pm

In-game footage of the expansive city and its day-night cycle.

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round’s Newest Costumes Are Superhero-Themed

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 10:01am

“Fighter Force” outfits coming to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

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M. Bison Returns In Street Fighter V

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 9:16am

Street Fighter V Bison appears to have the ability to deflect projectiles the way Rose does.

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Take A Look At The Atelier Astrid Mode In New Atelier Rorona

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 11:32am

The Atelier Astrid mode is unlocked after one fulfils certain conditions in the game.

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This Is What Lord of Magna’s Characters Sound Like In English

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 11:03am

Check out the game’s main characters, along with their English voices.

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Fate/Grand Order’s Lancer Is A Woman

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 9:33am

Designed by Type-Moon’s Hirokazu Koyama and voiced by Mamiko Noto.

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This Horror Game Doesn’t Need Graphics To Be Scary

By Chris . May 17, 2015 . 5:00pm

You have to use sound to navigate the dangerous environments but it can also alert the monsters lurking within to your position.

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Hyperactive Parody RPG Fearless Fantasy Is Out On iOS

By Chris . May 17, 2015 . 3:29pm

Absurd RPG Fearless Fantasy has leapt over from PC to iOS, where its gesture-based combat system should thrive.

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A Platformer That Could Make Good Use Of The PS4’s Touchpad, Wii U’s Touchscreen

By Chris . May 17, 2015 . 1:59pm

In Cerulean Moon, you slide the world with your finger around the main character.

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Going Weird And Wild With 3D Platformer Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

By Chris . May 17, 2015 . 12:28pm

Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell is an “occultoon” 3D platformer that its creator tells Siliconera is reaction against the formalism of Nintendo.

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The Creator Of RIOT – Civil Took Part In An Actual Riot

By Chris . May 17, 2015 . 9:29am

RIOT – Civil Unrest is a rioting simulator in which you play on the side of the rioters and the police.

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The ‘90s Arcade Racer Wii U Footage Shows Off An Unexpected Mini-Game

By Chris . May 16, 2015 . 4:55pm

There’s a mini-game inside The ’90s Arcade Racer that resembles the old Buster Bros. arcade titles.

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Alphadia Genesis 2 Is Now Available On iOS Too

By Chris . May 16, 2015 . 3:32pm

This second chapter involves sacrifice, revenge, and hope, It also has usability improvements when compared to the first game.

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Sort The Aliens From The Humans In This Upcoming Interrogation Simulator

By Chris . May 16, 2015 . 1:58pm

Interrogate 40 suspects to determine whether or not they are a human or an imposter. Your decision is final and so you’ll have to live with the consequences and uncertainty.