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YouTube To Begin Supporting 60fps Videos

By Ishaan . June 27, 2014 . 8:29am

YouTube is adding support support for 48fps and 60fps videos, the company announced today.

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Sega Says Virtual-On And Virtua Striker Are Japan Only

By Spencer . January 30, 2013 . 12:02pm

While we got Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On and Virtua Striker are Japan only. The Virtual-On team says Sega has no plans to release the two upcoming arcade games outside of Japan.

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Virtual On And Virtua Striker Kicking It To PSN & XBLA On February 13

By Spencer . January 29, 2013 . 10:38pm

Get ready for a robot rumble and then arcade soccer. Two more games from Sega’s Model 2 collection are coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 13.

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Virtual On PS3 Controller Brings The Arcade Experience Home For Just 30,000 Yen

By Spencer . October 17, 2012 . 11:12pm

Virtual On is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this winter.

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Fighting Vipers, Virtual Fighter 2, And Sonic The Fighters Coming To PSN/XBLA This Fall

By Spencer . October 17, 2012 . 7:25pm

Sega’s fighting games are upgraded with online play and new playable characters in Sonic the Fighters.

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Virtual-On Force Playtest: A Charm For Every Flaw

By Kris . April 8, 2011 . 1:02pm

Despite all of Virtual-On Force’s shortcomings, it has a charm that keeps me coming back. For everything that frustrates me about the game, there’s something that I adore.

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Virtual-On Force Is Region Free (And In English!)

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 11:35am

While Virtual-On Force has not been announced for North America, it is import friendly.

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Sega Recap Virtual On Force Features

By Ishaan . December 5, 2010 . 1:35pm

Plus, take a peak at a sample of the Virtual On Chronicle 15 booklet that commemorates 15 years of Virtual On games.

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Sega Announce Virtual-On Force Memorial Box Limited Edition For 15th Anniversary

By Ishaan . October 12, 2010 . 10:30am

SEGA’s celebratory limited edition “Memorial Box” for Virtual-On comes loaded with bonuses.

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Your First Look At Virtual On Force On Xbox 360

By Spencer . June 3, 2010 . 12:32pm

Lots of damage, team battles, and twice the Temjin inside.

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Virtual On Force Won’t Be Ready Until Winter

By Spencer . May 20, 2010 . 2:10am

Sega’s next-360 action countdown is officially over. Famitsu posted the first screenshots and details about the Xbox 360 port online.

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Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force Xbox 360 Bound

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 7:33pm

Sega is about to give fans another reason to own a Virtual On arcade stick.

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Virtual On Slicing And Shooting On Our Shores

By Spencer . March 12, 2009 . 11:10am

When Sega Japan said Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram 5.66 was in development for Xbox Live Arcade it didn’t sound like an only in Japan kind of thing. And it isn’t! Sega USA sent us an e-mail confirming it’s coming to North America this spring. April is spring, right? We’ll probably see Virtual On […]

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Virtual On Goes On Xbox 360 In April

By Spencer . February 25, 2009 . 3:10pm

Sega didn’t ask their lawyers to re-register a trademark for Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram without a reason. They did it because a revised version of “VOOT” is coming to Xbox Live Arcade!   However, this isn’t a direct port of the Dreamcast version. Famitsu explains the Virtual On game being designed for Xbox Live […]

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Let’s Catch Caught Traveling Overseas… With Virtual On?

By Spencer . February 24, 2009 . 8:47am

We know Sega is bringing Let’s Tap here this summer, but what about Prope’s WiiWare game Let’s Catch? Nothing official for North America yet. but Let’s Catch was rated by the OFLC in Australia. Chances seem pretty good that we will see an English version and toss baseballs with aliens here too. Can’t say I’m […]

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