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Microsoft temporarily gives away the first episode of Voltron

By Spencer . April 16, 2008 . 1:17pm

This could be a clever way to get people to purchase the second episode since the Voltron premiere is broken into two parts, but whatever Space Explorers Captured is free. As long as you are in North America or connecting through a proxy server you can download the beginning of Voltron in standard definition. Future […]

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Voltron appears in Super Robot Taisen W

By Spencer . January 1, 2007 . 5:50pm

 Banpresto has been churning out Super Robot Taisen games which are bring together famous mecha from a variety of anime series. Besides having Gundam SEED characters Super Robot Taisen W (W as in “double” for double screens oh that’s clever!) has Voltron or if you’ve been watching the series in Japan you probably know […]

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