Post 506127

Who’s Coming To Mortal Kombat X In 2016?

By Jenni . September 3, 2015 . 12:30pm

NetherRealm Studios is going to be bringing additional fighters to Mortal Kombat X next year.

Post 119929

The Riddler’s Role In Batman: Arkham City

By Spencer . March 16, 2011 . 11:48am

At the end of a Batman: Arkham City demo at Game Developer’s Conference, Warner Brothers revealed the Riddler is in the sequel.

Post 119470

Batman: Arkham City To Swoop Down For Release In October

By Ishaan . March 11, 2011 . 4:28pm

Batman: Arkham City is coming this October to the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Post 119210

Mortal Kombat Teaches Players Special Moves With Zombie Killing Mini-Games

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 5:31pm

The upcoming Mortal Kombat game from NetherRealm Studios has a 300 floor challenge tower to complete. In a way, the challenge tower is like Mortal Kombat’s tutorial mode.

Post 117944

Mortal Kombat Demo To Get Over To PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . March 3, 2011 . 3:03pm

PlayStation Plus members will get to try it out a week early.

Post 115324

Creating Fatalities For Mortal Kombat

By Ishaan . February 15, 2011 . 1:58pm

NetherRealm Studios’ Director of Art gives insight into how Fatalities are created for the fighting series.

Post 114372

Batman: Arkham City Comic Mini-Series To Lead Up To Game’s Launch

By Ishaan . February 9, 2011 . 3:02pm

Warner Bros. and DC are giving fans something to look forward to while they wait.

Post 111247

New Mortal Kombat Makes Merry On April 19th

By Ishaan . January 22, 2011 . 2:06pm

A warm and fuzzy gameplay video of Mileena to accompany the announcement.

Post 105146

Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Comes In A Nifty Arcade Stick Case

By Ishaan . December 16, 2010 . 3:31pm

It’s a custom, functional arcade stick…but it’s also the game’s packaging.

Post 104521

Mortal Kombat Coming In April, PS3 Version Gets Kratos

By Ishaan . December 13, 2010 . 11:03am

Mortal Kombat begins again in April 2011 with a Kollector’s Edition and Kratos.

Post 104227

Batman: Arkham City Trailer Gives Off An Interesting Vibe

By Ishaan . December 11, 2010 . 7:55pm

There may be more complexity to Arkham City’s story than was initially let on.

Post 100419

The First Japanese Scribblenauts Screenshots

By Ishaan . November 21, 2010 . 1:28pm

Yes, Konami are localizing the game fully.

Post 99057

Konami Localizing Scribblenauts For Japan

By Ishaan . November 13, 2010 . 12:00pm

“Insight Puzzle: Maxwell’s Marvelous Notepad” is headed to Japan.

Post 92553

New Batman: Arkham City Screenshots Give You A Glimpse Of Gotham

By Ishaan . October 11, 2010 . 3:24pm

Batman: Arkham City looks a lot larger in scope than its predecessor.

Post 91384

“The Pit” Returns In The New Mortal Kombat

By Ishaan . October 5, 2010 . 9:00pm

The Pit returns once more to bring a little ray of hope to those of us that struggle with Fatalities.

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