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Wii Fit gets the billboard treatment too

By Spencer . November 14, 2007 . 12:31pm

The DS Bungaku Zenshuu subway ads are out, Wii Fit is in. I haven’t seen these ads get the same prime placement in Shibuya, but Ebisu has one right by the exit. Not only is Nintendo buying wall space, but they have plenty of TV ads introducing the balancing board. It’s pretty clear that Nintendo […]

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Wii Fit includes a push up trainer

By Spencer . October 11, 2007 . 11:08am

Nintendo launched an official site for Wii Fit and it showcases four of the 40+ training exercises packaged on the disc. Most of the ones on the page are were at E3 like the soccer game where you guard a goal by lifting the opposite leg up, the hula hoop catching game and yoga.   […]

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WiiFit set to debut in Japan this year

By Spencer . October 9, 2007 . 10:44pm

Nintendo introduced WiiFit to the world at E3 and surprisingly it’s coming out this year in Japan. On December 1st importers can bring the game home for the price of 8,800 yen ($75).   What do you think of the price? Is it reasonable for a balance board/game combination?

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Namco Bandai brings fitness to the Wii with Atheletic World

By Spencer . September 18, 2007 . 11:52am

Konami and Nintendo aren't the only companies in town when it comes working out with video games. In 2008 Namco Bandai is going to release Family Trainer: Atheletic World for the Wii. The game comes pre-packaged with a special mat,  but the workout involves your full body. While you're jumping around you need to shake […]

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Wait a second… Wii Exercise?

By Spencer . August 2, 2007 . 12:25pm

Wii Fit is old news right? Wii Exercise isn’t. Later this year Rocket Company is going to beat Nintendo to the market with their fitness game on the Wii. There isn’t any balance board utilization here; Wii Exercise gives players an aerobic workout by teaching them boxing moves. It also helps devise a diet program […]

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Testing out the Wii Balance board

By Spencer . July 16, 2007 . 12:34am

Before you start Wii Fit you need to calibrate the balance board to your weight. The game asks you to step off the board so it zeroes itself then you step on it. If you slouch or shift your weight in an awkward position during the calibration the balance board will register that as your […]

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Watch: Reggie trying out Wii Fit

By Spencer . July 15, 2007 . 11:56pm

Hearing about Mario Kart Wii was a predictable surprise, Wii Fit was the real meat of Nintendo’s press conference. To introduce the product Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo of America, came on stage to try it out. When you stand on the balance board, Wii Fit has the ability to measure your BMI (body […]

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Feet on Wii Fit

By Spencer . July 12, 2007 . 8:07am

Everything about Wii Fit relies on the new scale size, Wii Balance board. When you stand on it, it feels solid, like a tiny plastic footstool. Besides the yoga poses there were a few mini games to play. In the skiing game you have to bend your knees forward to speed up then suddenly stand […]

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