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Devil’s Third Is Back In Stock, Get It While You Still Can

By Sato . February 12, 2016 . 8:00pm

Devil’s Third released in North America with little available in stock, but Nintendo recently restocked for some retailers, so you can get it while it lasts.

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Newest Super Mario Maker Event Course Brings Pokémon Into The Game

By Casey . February 12, 2016 . 9:30am

The “I Choose You!” Event Course lets players unlock Bulbasaur, Chamander, and Squirtle costumes once they beat the stage three times.

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Watch The First Hour Of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

By Casey . February 12, 2016 . 8:30am

More footage from Twilight Princess HD has surfaced, this time giving us a look at what the first hour of gameplay has to offer.

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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Is Getting An Art Book In Japan On February 26

By Sato . February 11, 2016 . 3:00am

Atlus’ recently released Wii U RPG Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Genei Ibun Roku #FE) is getting an art book featuring work by character designer toi8, and more.

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U And 3DS Trailer Highlights All Its DLC Characters

By Sato . February 11, 2016 . 2:00am

Now that we finally got all the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS DLC characters, the roster is complete, and Nintendo put together a trailer to showcase the additional participants.

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This Week In Sales: Naruto Takes The Top-20 By Storm, Dattebayo!

By Sato . February 10, 2016 . 11:30am

Last week, Japan saw a major release from Bandai Namco with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 for PlayStation 4.

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Super Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai On Keeping Things Fresh With New Fighters

By Casey . February 10, 2016 . 8:30am

Sakurai recently contributed a column in Famitsu, wherein he spoke in-depth about the challenges of keeping such a well-known series such as Smash Bros. fresh and enjoyable.

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Twilight Princess HD Message Focuses On The Game’s Hero Mode

By Casey . February 9, 2016 . 8:30am

The latest message posted on the official Twitter account features Malo yet again, and this time he has a few things to say in regards to the game’s Hero Mode.

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Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut Coming To Wii U Real Soon

By Chris . February 8, 2016 . 5:30pm

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One shortly.

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Pokken Tournament Will Work With All amiibo Accessories

By Casey . February 8, 2016 . 9:30am

Nintendo’s official website confirms that all amiibo accessories will be compatible with the Wii U title and will unlock in-game items.

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Three New Twilight Princess HD Comparison Videos Showcase Lots Of Gameplay

By Casey . February 8, 2016 . 8:30am

Plenty of environments, battles and cutscenes are featured in the videos, giving us a good look at the differences between the original version of the game and the upcoming HD port.

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Bayonetta 2 “Pre-Order” Deal with a $15 Gift Card at Dell

By Viet . February 6, 2016 . 11:00am

Bayonetta 2 reduced to $30 and a bonus $15 gift card, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is 25% off, and XCOM 2 is 23% off in this weekend’s Deal roundup.

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FreezeME’s 90s-Style 3D Platforming Is Out For Wii U Now

By Chris . February 5, 2016 . 3:00pm

If you’re looking for a platformer in the style of those on the N64 then FreezeME should serve you well.

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Check Out Super Mario Maker’s New Spooky Course Featuring Professor E. Gadd

By Casey . February 5, 2016 . 9:30am

A new Event Course called “Paranormal Research” has been added to Super Mario Maker and completing it gives players access to the Professor E. Gadd costume.

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Twilight Princess HD Messages Highlight Wolf Link Amiibo, GamePad Functionality, And More

By Casey . February 5, 2016 . 8:30am

The latest Twilight Princess HD tweets on the official Japanese Legend of Zelda Twitter account include more Malo messages about the Wii U game’s new features.