Post 484485

Despite The Multiplayer Focus, Splatoon’s Single-Player Easily Holds Its Own

By Jack . May 29, 2015 . 5:01pm

Splatoon’s single-player is inventive and uses the game mechanics just as well as the multiplayer does, but in an almost completely different way.

Post 484733

Nintendo Direct For 3DS And Wii U Titles To Be Streamed In Japan This Weekend

By Ishaan . May 29, 2015 . 7:07am

Nintendo Direct to cover Summer titles for Japan.

Post 484147

Splatoon: One Small Step For Inklings, One Giant Leap For Nintendo

By Jack . May 27, 2015 . 1:02pm

The most interesting thing about Splatoon is how experimental it all feels.

Post 484291

Nice 25% Price Cut on Bayonetta 2 at Amazon and GameStop

By Viet . May 27, 2015 . 10:15am

Bayonetta 2 gets first major sale price 7 months after its release in North America.

Post 484127

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets A Wii U Stretch Goal

By Ishaan . May 27, 2015 . 9:31am

At $3 million, Igarashi and Inti Creates will commission a Wii U port of the game.

Post 484029

The Humble Nindie Bundle Has 3DS And Wii U Games Going Cheap

By Chris . May 26, 2015 . 1:29pm

The latest Humble Bundle gets you eShop codes for Wii U and 3DS games for tiny prices.

Post 483895

Splatoon Shows How To Juggle Multiple Weapons To Your Advantage

By Ishaan . May 26, 2015 . 12:00pm

Watch the .52 Gal, the Splash Wall, and the Killer Wail used in conjunction with one another.

Post 483978

Yarn Yoshi Gets A Mario Makeover And It Is Horrifying

By Chris . May 26, 2015 . 11:01am

You can give Yarn Yoshi new skins in Yoshi’s Woolly World by using amiibo. That’s fine, except the Mario reskin isn’t cute at all.

Post 483822

The Incredibly Colourful Hive Jump Planned For Q1 2016 On PC And Wii U

By Ishaan . May 25, 2015 . 1:58pm

Developer posts an update on the in-development action-platformer.

Post 483672

Scram Kitty Gets New Twin-Stick Set-Up In Anniversary Update For PS4, PS Vita, And Wii U

By Chris . May 24, 2015 . 1:02pm

This anniversary update allows you to control your arms separate from the body so you can shoot in a different directions as you move around. Other tweaks have also been rolled out.

Post 483360

Rymdresa To Bring Eerie, Poetic Space Exploration To Wii U, PC, And iPad

By Chris . May 21, 2015 . 4:00pm

Explore the infinite of outer space in this poetic odyssey full of secrets, danger, and eeriness.

Post 482795

Check Out The Day And Night Cycle In Hover: Revolt of Gamers

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 3:31pm

In-game footage of the expansive city and its day-night cycle.

Post 482116

The ‘90s Arcade Racer Wii U Footage Shows Off An Unexpected Mini-Game

By Chris . May 16, 2015 . 4:55pm

There’s a mini-game inside The ’90s Arcade Racer that resembles the old Buster Bros. arcade titles.

Post 482171

Xenoblade Chronicles X Sold Through 72% Of Its Shipment At Launch

By Ishaan . May 15, 2015 . 11:02am

A closer look at the sales of Xenoblade Chronicles X and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition.

Post 480142

Meet The New Characters Of Combat Core, An Anime-esque Arena Fighter

By Chris . May 14, 2015 . 4:01pm

Go up against up to three opponents in enclosed arenas filled with weapons and hazards in a hyper-charged brawl.