Post 470794

This Gun In Splatoon Is Capable Of One-Shotting Enemies

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 5:27pm

The special ink bullets fired by the Hot Blaster cause a small explosion.

Post 470645

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Gameplay Footage Shows Off Turn-Based Battles

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 3:29pm

Since GDC, Snowcastle Games have begun moving the project from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.

Post 470878

Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Let You Slightly Customize Your Home Base

By Ishaan . March 23, 2015 . 1:00pm

In his latest round of tweets, Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima touches upon the BLADE home area in the game.

Post 471006

This Is One Of The More Realistic Hylian Shields You’re Likely To See

By Ishaan . March 23, 2015 . 12:31pm

Link’s Hylian Shield and Master Sword forged by Man-At-Arms.

Post 470694

Sakurai Says Mewtwo Will Be Available In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And 3DS Soon

By Sato . March 22, 2015 . 11:30pm

Sakurai appeared as a guest in a recent livestream alongside popular voice actor Tomokazu Sugita and others, to talk Smash Bros. In the above clip, Sakurai reassures fans that Mewtwo is “pretty much done” and to look forward to an announcement soon.

Post 469634

N64-Style 3D Platformer FreezeME Confirmed For Wii U

By Chris . March 22, 2015 . 3:32pm

Rainy Night Creations has announced that it’s official a Wii U developer now.

Post 470150

Wii U-Bound Warlocks Is Now Out On Steam Early Access

By Chris . March 20, 2015 . 4:00pm

Be a warlock, fight shadow monsters, unlock more warlocks.

Post 469656

Dimension Jumping Platformer Poncho Also Heading To Wii U

By Chris . March 19, 2015 . 10:55am

Delve Interactive will be bringing its robot-based puzzle platformer Poncho to Wii U, as well as PC, PS4, and PS Vita.

Post 470402

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At The Various Creatures Of Mira

By Sato . March 19, 2015 . 4:00am

From gentle herbivores to giant whale-like flying monsters, the official website shares a look at some of the many creatures you’ll encounter in the upcoming title.

Post 469798

Nintendo And DeNA’s New Membership Service Will Replace Club Nintendo Rewards Program

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 3:08am

In addition to developing smartphone games with Nintendo, DeNA will also help the company create its new membership service.

Post 469770

Nintendo Teams Up With DeNA To Make Smartphone Games

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 12:55am

Mobile phone games maker DeNA and Nintendo have entered an alliance by which they will create and operate smartphone games together.

Post 469545

Keep An Eye On This Xenoblade Chronicles X Enemy, Says Monolith Soft

By Ishaan . March 16, 2015 . 12:29pm

“I think we’ve managed to create a very intriguing character,” says Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima.

Post 465946

Nintendo Has Five Departments, And Iwata Is In Charge Of Two Of Them

By Ishaan . March 13, 2015 . 1:02pm

Iwata reveals that he is currently in charge of the System Development Division at Nintendo, as well as the department responsible for the company’s Quality of Life initiative.

Post 469223

Amiibo Sales At 3.5 Million In The U.S.

By Ishaan . March 12, 2015 . 4:06pm

Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has sold 1.5 million units in the U.S.

Post 469150

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Details On Creating Weapons And The Other Alien Races You’ll Encounter

By Sato . March 12, 2015 . 12:31pm

At the shopping district, you’ll come across the Arms Company, where they sell and develop equipment for characters and Dolls.