Post 476088

These Are Your Seven Mechs In Xenoblade Chronicles X

By Sato . April 16, 2015 . 12:35pm

An even closer look at the different model types for the Dolls, along with a look at their vehicle transformations.

Post 476018

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows The Different Types Of Mechs You Can Create

By Sato . April 16, 2015 . 1:30am

In addition to being able to give them different weapon parts, you’ll also get to heavily customize your Doll’s appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Post 475719

Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaborates With Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

By Sato . April 15, 2015 . 3:03pm

A trailer that shows off a Hunter wearing a costume of the Master Rin Tohsaka, alongside Archer.

Post 475740

Four More Mega Man Games Headed To Wii U Virtual Console

By Ishaan . April 15, 2015 . 2:27pm

Capcom are teaming up with Nintendo of America for another “Mega May,” whereby they will release four Mega Man games on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Post 475688

Everything You Need To Know About Xenoblade Chronicles X [Update]

By Sato . April 15, 2015 . 11:32am

From transforming mechs to vast continents to explore, Xenoblade Chronicles X has quite a lot to offer.

Post 475469

Mario Kart 8 Drives Through Its New DLC Courses, Shows Animal Crossing’s Villager

By Sato . April 14, 2015 . 11:58pm

Mario Kart 8 is getting its second DLC batch on April 23rd, and in addition to a free 200cc mode, players will get to purchase a total of eight new courses, along with new vehicles and characters.

Post 475305

Splatoon’s “Squeaklean Alpha” Will Make Quick Work Of Your Enemies

By Ishaan . April 14, 2015 . 5:02pm

It has a shorter range than other weapons but maintains its strength.

Post 475380

Wii U-Exclusive Runbow Gets Crossover Guest Characters Including Shovel Knight

By Chris . April 14, 2015 . 4:31pm

There will be nine guest characters from varioius indie games in the character line-up.

Post 475191

Rodea the Sky Soldier Wii Version Will Come On A Separate Disc

By Ishaan . April 14, 2015 . 3:31pm

NIS America confirms that the Wii version will get its own separate disc.

Post 475353

Watch Mario Kart 8 Running At 200cc On The Mute City Track

By Ishaan . April 14, 2015 . 3:00pm

Mute City demonstrates the increased speed of the upcoming 200cc mode.

Post 475268

Listen To 17 Minutes Of The Xenoblade Chronicles X Soundtrack

By Ishaan . April 14, 2015 . 12:33pm

The soundtrack for Xenoblade Chronicles X will come on four CDs and will include 55 songs.

Post 474949

Xenoblade Chronicles X Disc Version Will Have Download Packs For Faster Loading

By Ishaan . April 13, 2015 . 12:25pm

Four Data Packs to be available for optional download, if you own the disc version of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Post 474721

How Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Mecha Dolls Work In Battle

By Sato . April 10, 2015 . 1:02pm

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Dolls give you a whole lot of options during battles.

Post 474492

Listen To Some Of The English Voices In Mighty No. 9

By Ishaan . April 10, 2015 . 11:32am

Yuri Lowenthal, Jan Johns, and more lend their voices to the game.

Post 474778

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows How You’re Always Connected To Other Players

By Sato . April 10, 2015 . 8:31am

While in Network mode, you’ll get to find other BLADE members out there to recruit. You’ll then get to use these AI recruits of other players in combat.