Post 500167

Amiibo’s Sixth Wave Will Launch In North America On September 11th

By Sato . August 5, 2015 . 5:34am

Get ready to pre-order your Wave 6 amiibo figures soon, as Bowser Jr., Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, and others will become available on September 11th.

Post 500148

Mighty No. 9 Gets Delayed To Q1 2016 Due To Bugs And Other Fixes

By Sato . August 5, 2015 . 4:52am

Comcept say that the core of the game is complete, but there are still some bugs and issues surrounding its online functions that need to be fixed.

Post 500056

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water To Release On October 30th In Europe

By Sato . August 5, 2015 . 1:59am

Nintendo announced at Gamescom that the latest Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is releasing this October in Europe, along with a limited edition bundle.

Post 500050

Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited And Premium Packs Announced For Europe

By Sato . August 5, 2015 . 1:47am

Additionally, Xenoblade Chronicle was announced as a Wii U Virtual Console title in Europe, which comes with a £9.00 discount towards Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Post 499898

Bloodstained Will Feature Cross-Play Between Xbox One And Windows 10

By Sato . August 4, 2015 . 7:47am

Microsoft announced the latest on former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night during their Gamescom 2015 press conference.

Post 498509

Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd Joins Super Smash Bros… As A Mii Fighter Costume

By Sato . July 30, 2015 . 2:18am

In addition to Tales of Symphonia protagonist Lloyd Irving, we’ll get another cameo costume for the Mii Fighter with a Flying Man outfit from the Earthbound series.

Post 498309

Super Smash Bros. Update Brings Tourney Mode And YouTube Replays On July 31st

By Sato . July 29, 2015 . 8:16am

The update will also add DLC costumes of Chrom and King K. Rool for Mii Fighter, along with Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle stages.

Post 498130

Super Mario Maker Makes Bowser Vs. Bowser Battles A Reality

By Spencer . July 29, 2015 . 1:29am

Super Mario Maker turns amiibos into Mystery Suit mushrooms. Grab one of these and you can transform Mario into Link, Wii Fit Trainer, and Bowser.

Post 498121

Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Trauma Team Will Be Downloadable On Wii U In Japan Next Month

By Spencer . July 29, 2015 . 12:58am

Nintendo confirmed Trauma Team and Muramasa: The Demon Blade will be released as digital titles for Wii U in Japan. Both games are scheduled to come out on August 19 for 2,700 yen each.

Post 497999

Donkey Kong Country-Inspired Platformer Mekazoo Will Have Tag Team-Style Local Co-Op

By Chris . July 28, 2015 . 12:00pm

Each player is assigned a mechanical animal and must switch out at the right parts of the level to beat the various challenges.

Post 497650

Freedom Planet Will Meet All Your Sonic Needs On Wii U On August 3rd

By Chris . July 27, 2015 . 3:30pm

This high-speed, combat-based platformer is listed for an August 3rd release on Wii U.

Post 497645

Tips For Ruling Splatoon’s Camp Triggerfish

By Jenni . July 27, 2015 . 1:30pm

Grab your Charger and get to Splatoon’s Camp Triggerfish, recruits!

Post 497593

Splatoon Is Getting Its Major Update On August 6th

By Sato . July 27, 2015 . 4:00am

The new update introduces Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options, in addition to two new weapons, new equipment, and a level cap raised to 50.

Post 497429

Elliot Quest’s Success On Wii U Secures It 3DS, Xbox, And PlayStation Versions

By Chris . July 26, 2015 . 3:30pm

Not bad for a game by a one-man studio.

Post 497337

Cross Reverie Will Definitely Be Coming To Consoles, PlayStation First [Update]

By Chris . July 24, 2015 . 2:05pm

The Kickstarter has been cancelled after a private investor was found, and with it comes good news.