Post 439322

Microsoft Are Still Committed To Xbox One In Japan

By Sato . October 13, 2014 . 12:32pm

Microsoft say they’re committed to establishing the Xbox One’s presence in Japan, and maintaining relationships with Japanese developers.

Post 439198

DC Entertainment Announces Mortal Kombat X Comic

By Ishaan . October 13, 2014 . 8:28am

The comic book series will serve as a prequel to the game’s story.

Post 439236

How The Evil Within Looks With Japan’s Gore Mode On And Off

By Spencer . October 13, 2014 . 12:03am

In Japan, by default The Evil Within is edited to be a CERO D game. However, if you reserve The Evil Within and are 18 or over, you’ll get a DLC code for Gore Mode which restores elements in the Western release that were cut to keep the rating in Japan 17+ instead of adults only.

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You Can Play A Small Slice Of Hyper Light Drifter Right Now For $25

By Chris . October 10, 2014 . 2:57pm

Heart Machine has extended the limited preview access of its 2D action-RPG Hyper Light Drifter to the end of October, and it’s also available to everyone.

Post 438788

Bladestorm: Nightmare’s Mix Of Dragons And The 100 Years’ War Set For January

By Spencer . October 10, 2014 . 12:15am

Koei Tecmo is bringing the Bladestorm series back with an enhanced version of the game called Bladestorm: Nightmare in the West. The game takes place during the Hundred Years’ War where players can choose to side with England and France.

Post 438552

Microsoft Bets On The Evil Within To Sell More Xbox One Consoles In Japan

By Spencer . October 9, 2014 . 12:59am

Before you stepped inside Tokyo Game Show, there was a giant ad for The Evil Within aka Psycho Break in Japan sponsored by Microsoft. The game is about to launch in Japan and Microsoft is running a crossover promotion for it.

Post 438388

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Dev Diary Shows Off Co-Op Gameplay

By Ishaan . October 8, 2014 . 9:59am

The dev diary highlights the four playable characters in the game.

Post 438090

Super Smash Bros. Inspired Rivals Of Aether Is Coming To Xbox One

By Chris . October 7, 2014 . 4:00pm

Dan Fornace has announced that his Super Smash Bros. inspired 2D platform fighting game Rivals of Aether is coming to Xbox One.

Post 438005

Do You Want Japanese Or English Voices In Mighty No. 9?

By Ishaan . October 7, 2014 . 9:31am

In an update to the game’s Kickstarter page, Comcept have posted an apology for the way they handled the announcement of voice-acting being added to Mighty No. 9 a few months ago.

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Kingdom Hearts III Drops Luminous Engine In Favor Of Unreal Engine 4

By Sato . October 6, 2014 . 9:55pm

“Due to having switched to Unreal Engine 4 for various reasons, we’re having trouble on some parts as far as rendering goes, but with help from the folks at Epic Games, progress is going safely,” said Tetsuya Nomura.

Post 437881

Hellblade Still In Prototyping Stages; Gameplay Footage Coming Early 2015

By Ishaan . October 6, 2014 . 3:30pm

A number of topics are currently being brainstormed in the prototyping stage at present.

Post 436971

Use Teamwork To Swing A Dead King Across Mountains In Chariot

By Chris . October 4, 2014 . 2:00pm

Canada-based Frima Studio has released its couch co-op, physics-based platformer Chariot onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’ll be coming to Wii U and PC as well soon.

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Tekken 7 Shows Off A Bunch Of Character Customization Items

By Sato . October 3, 2014 . 4:01pm

With Tekken 7’s location test kicking off today, Bandai Namco opened a website for the event, where registered members can check out some of the customization items for the characters.

Post 437520

Colorful Co-Op Action-RPG Izle Is Heading To PC, Next-Gen Consoles In 2015

By Chris . October 3, 2014 . 3:00pm

Izle is a low-poly co-op 3D action adventure RPG that’ll be bringing its vibrant colors to PC and next-gen consoles (none specified yet) in 2015.

Post 437244

Quan Chi Returns For Mortal Kombat X

By Ishaan . October 2, 2014 . 7:58am

Quan Chi will be in Mortal Kombat X as a playable character.