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Xbox One Coming To 26 More Markets This September

By Ishaan . March 18, 2014 . 6:19am

The Xbox One will be released in 26 additional markets this September, Microsoft announced this morning. See the full list inside.

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Both Lightning Returns And Bravely Default Were Among Last Month’s Best-Sellers

By Ishaan . March 13, 2014 . 11:26pm

Additionally, the NPD Group mention in their report that software sales on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are “off to a great start”.

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Here’s An Early Look At Keiji Inafune Testing Mighty No. 9

By Ishaan . March 13, 2014 . 3:01pm

A longer version the alpha ROM video for Mighty No. 9 is now available, and provides a look at Inafune testing out Beck’s moves.

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Hideo Kojima Shares His Favourite Metal Gear Solid Game And More

By Ishaan . March 13, 2014 . 2:01pm

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima shares which his favourite game in the series is, and other details in a lengthy interview.

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Final Fantasy XV Track Featured In Yoko Shimomura’s Upcoming Album

By Sato . March 12, 2014 . 4:57am

A new album featuring a mix of Yoko Shimomura’s work will also include a track from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

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The Witcher 3 Has Been Delayed To 2015

By Ishaan . March 11, 2014 . 10:19am

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, initially slated for release this year, has been delayed to 2015, CD Projekt RED announced this morning.

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Will Let You Go Inside Shantae’s Lighthouse

By Ishaan . March 10, 2014 . 1:31pm

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, WayForward’s crowdfunded Shantae game for PC and consoles, will let you see the interior of Shantae’s lighthouse home for the first time.

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Mighty No. 9′s Beck Will Have A Downward Dash And Backwards Jump

By Ishaan . March 10, 2014 . 10:31am

Mighty No. 9, co-developers Comcept and Inti Creates shed some light on the game’s story, as well as some of the moves that the game’s protagonist, Beck, will be able to use.

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How The Batmobile Works In Batman: Arkham Knight

By Ishaan . March 10, 2014 . 8:30am

You’ll be able to call the Batmobile using the L1 button in Batman: Arkham Knight, and it will speed to your location, wherever in Gotham you are.

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Indie RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic Resurfaces After A Brief Silence

By Ishaan . March 6, 2014 . 4:32pm

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an upcoming indie RPG in development for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Here’s Another Look At Pier Solar HD, The HD Sega Genesis Inspired RPG

By Ishaan . March 6, 2014 . 3:58pm

Pier Solar HD, the upcoming remake of the 2010 Sega Genesis RPG, has made its way onto Steam Greenlight. Additionally, a new trailer for the game is now available for viewing as well.

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Watch Dogs Set For May 27th, PlayStation Versions To Have Exclusive Content

By Ishaan . March 6, 2014 . 8:18am

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s open-world game set in Chicago, will launch on May 27th in North America and Europe.

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External Hard Drive Storage Coming To Xbox One In A Future Update

By Ishaan . March 5, 2014 . 11:10am

Xbox One owners want an external hard drive storage solution, and Microsoft say that this is on their to-do list as well.

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Arkham Knight Is Not Just The Name Of The Game, But Also Batman’s New Rival

By Ishaan . March 5, 2014 . 9:42am

Rocksteady have shared with Game Informer magazine that “Arkham Knight” is not just the game’s title, but also the name of a new character.

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How Mighty No. 9 Developer Inti-Creates Develop Their Games

By Ishaan . March 4, 2014 . 5:10pm

In a recent episode of the Mighty No. 9 podcast, Takuya Aizu, President and CEO of Inti-Creates discussed the studio’s approach to game development.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Out In June, Costs More On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

By Ishaan . March 4, 2014 . 9:11am

North America will get Murdered: Soul Suspect on June 3rd, and other territories will see the game on June 6th.

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