Post 472335

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Didn’t Do So Well In Japan

By Ishaan . March 30, 2015 . 5:31pm

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sold through just 59.59% of its shipment.

Post 472460

Mortal Kombat X Tournament Series To Kick Off In April

By Ishaan . March 30, 2015 . 4:01pm

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have teamed up with the Electronic Sports League to host a Mortal Kombat X tournament.

Post 472070

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae – Some Ups And Some Downs

By Jack . March 29, 2015 . 4:31pm

At first glance, I thought the open field that Episode Duscae takes place in was awesome. In some ways, I still think it is. That said, it has two major flaws that I really hope are addressed in the full game.

Post 471747

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Adds Resurrection F Frieza Through DLC

By Sato . March 26, 2015 . 10:40pm

Bandai Namco announced in this weekl’s issue of Jump magazine the third wave of DLC, which will include Frieza’s “Golden Frieza” form from the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.

Post 471542

First Look At Kokonoe’s Story In BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

By Spencer . March 26, 2015 . 1:00am

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm Extend has additional playable characters from the arcade game plus new storylines to see. One follows the brilliant and foul-mouthed scientist Kokonoe.

Post 471340

Senran Kagura Costumes For Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Out This Week

By Ishaan . March 25, 2015 . 9:00am

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round’s next batch of DLC costumes will be available this week in the U.S. and Europe.

Post 471333

Tekken 7 Will Add More New Characters Through Updates

By Sato . March 25, 2015 . 3:35am

During the interview, Famitsu asks the producer if he could share more behind what they aim to do with the new character, Claudio Serafino, the first Italian fighter introduced in the series.

Post 470645

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Gameplay Footage Shows Off Turn-Based Battles

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 3:29pm

Since GDC, Snowcastle Games have begun moving the project from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.

Post 471215

Vergil In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Has A Few Moves From DmC Devil May Cry

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 2:03pm

A few more details have emerged regarding Vergil, Lady, and Trish.

Post 471219

The Visual Evolution Of Final Fantasy – A Lecture By Art Director Yusuke Naora

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 12:33pm

A lecture on the visual evolution of the Final Fantasy games through the years.

Post 471256

A List Of Everything In Mortal Kombat X’s “Kombat Pack” DLC

By Ishaan . March 24, 2015 . 9:00am

Details of all four pieces in the Kombat Pack DLC now confirmed.

Post 471139

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Will Get A Retail Release And Limited Edition In Japan

By Spencer . March 24, 2015 . 12:39am

Also see extra costumes for Lady and Trish who are both playable in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

Post 471068

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Reveals Its Senran Kagura “Costume Breaks”

By Sato . March 23, 2015 . 10:48pm

Koei Tecmo recently teased a look at their Dead or Alive 5: Last Round collaboration costumes with Marvelous’ Senran Kagura series, but now that the DLCs are available in Japan, here’s a look at all 16 costumes from the crossover.

Post 470817

Rescue Poison Ivy In Batman: Arkham Knight’s Harley Quinn DLC

By Ishaan . March 23, 2015 . 2:31pm

Amazon’s listing for Batman: Arkham Knight has revealed a few details on the Harley Quinn story DLC.

Post 470944

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Shows Off Playable Vergil, Trish, And Lady

By Ishaan . March 23, 2015 . 9:29am

Capcom have released a debut trailer and screenshots for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.