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Post 2008

Clips from the Family Guy video game

By Spencer . October 9, 2006 . 8:25am

Next week 2K Games brings Family Guy to retail shelves and these two clips show that the game has the same wacky humor as the cartoon show. While there are no gameplay videos yet, Destructoid has hands on impressions of the game. There is another bonus about the release of Family Guy, that has little […]

Post 1977

First look at the trio of Burger King games

By Spencer . October 2, 2006 . 1:33pm

Would you like a game with your fries? For an extra $3.99 you can purchase one of three Burger King themed games with your value meal. The games are developed by Blitz Games who made who made Barbie’s Horse Adventures and the upcoming Spongebob: Creature from the Krusty Krab game for Wii. Blitz Games previously […]

Post 1888

Modified Xbox used for stroke rehabilitation

By Spencer . September 18, 2006 . 1:36pm

Engineering students at Rutgers University created a new and inexpensive hand rehabilitation system for those recovering from a stroke. The virtual rehabilitation system combines a modded Xbox and an Essential Reality P5 gaming glove, which detects finger motions. The console runs homebrew software with two kinds of exercises to assist in recovering hand functions. The […]

Post 1783

Xbox 360 gains Lego Star Wars II and 38 other Xbox games

By Spencer . August 28, 2006 . 5:02pm

Microsoft hasn’t given up on backwards compatibility yet. The most recent update adds in 39 Xbox games, some which aren’t even released yet. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Spyro: A New Beginning and Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. This is the first update that added in Xbox games before they were released to […]

Post 1649

Use the Steel Battalion controller on your PC

By Spencer . August 1, 2006 . 12:10pm

That mammoth sized Steel Battalion controller was a costly Xbox accessory at the price of $200 plus dollars. It’s a one of a kind device designed for mecha games. Wouldn’t it be cool to use the same controller for MechWarrior games on the PC? If you have an Xbox USB controller converter and the freeware […]

Post 1566

Double Xbox controller goodness on Woot

By Spencer . July 11, 2006 . 6:42am

If you are one of the people with a regular Xbox head over to Woot. They have a deal where you can get two Logitech cordless attack controllers for $35 shipped. Since the controllers normally retail for around $30 each this is a fair bargain. Also if you don’t have an Xbox you can use […]

Post 1440

Now playable on the 360 and Xbox

By Spencer . June 13, 2006 . 12:42pm

Sorry Sega fans there are no signs of Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue 2 or Jet Set Radio Future in the list. The additional 21 games that are now backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 aren’t exactly the most exciting titles. On the plus side there’s Doom 3, Lego Star Wars and the Xbox exclusive Grabbed […]

Post 1408

Both the Xbox and Xbox 360 dashboard get an update

By Spencer . June 7, 2006 . 12:18pm

There has been a lot of buzz about the Xbox 360 update that went live yesterday. The new dashboard adds in a lot of awesome features such as behind the scenes marketplace downloading, tweaks for the Korean virtual keyboard and 2x-16x fast forwarding / rewinding for movies saved on to the hard drive. While all […]

Post 1393

Current gen clearance Atari drops a bunch of titles to $19.99

By Spencer . June 5, 2006 . 8:38am

Could Atari be gearing up for the next wave of consoles or are they trying to recoup as much money as possible to cushion their losses? Either way their GamersFirst program is good for gamers who want to save some cash. As of June 1st Atari dropped the price for a truckload of games to […]

Post 1371

Rated M games in Japan

By Spencer . May 30, 2006 . 2:19pm

  CERO recently announced that they changed their rating system, which ended up looking similar to the ESRB’s scale. Now there are two distinct ratings for “M” type games. A game gets a “D” rating if it’s made for gamers 17 years old and the “Z” rating is for game is for adults only (18+). […]

Post 1334

Getting up going down in price

By Spencer . May 23, 2006 . 9:35am

Fashion designer Marc Ecko’s first video game venture, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure got slashed more than fifty percent at Best Buy. Like most titles, the graffiti game retailed for $49.99, now Best Buy is selling it for $19.99 for the PS2, Xbox and PC. That is a fairly significant drop since the game has […]

Post 1144

New trailer for Bad Day LA

By Spencer . April 13, 2006 . 3:05pm

It looks like American McGee’s Bad Day LA from Enlight Interactive is still coming along. This trailer shows Anthony, a reluctant hero and drifter, in the middle of an Earthquake. Watch it to check out the game’s style, cel-shaded and humorous instead of other dark American McGee games like Alice. Look for Bad Day LA […]

Post 1053

No Bad Day for LA

By Spencer . March 22, 2006 . 1:17pm

Announced last year, Bad Day LA is a humorous take on Grand Theft Auto. Instead of playing a mobster you’re a hobo caught in the middle of natural disasters. Meteor storms, fires, earthquakes and riots are things that you’ll have to face in the game. While it was en route for PC and the Xbox […]

Post 956

Hoverboard racing with Sega mascots in Sonic Riders

By Spencer . March 3, 2006 . 3:29pm

If Mario can play soccer Sonic should be able to race on a hoverboard. It fits the Sonic theme of being fast and suits the blue hedgehog’s edgy attitude. Since it’s such a natural fit you have to wonder what prompted Sega and Sonic Team to create Sonic Riders. Was it the desire to make […]

Post 943

Top selling Xbox games get even cheaper

By Spencer . March 1, 2006 . 3:21pm

Besides Black the Xbox line up is looking rather weak as Microsoft is shifting all gears towards the 360. Instead of making new games, Microsoft thought up an interesting idea. Take their classic best sellers in their platinum hits line up and re-release them at an even cheaper price. Instead of being priced at $19.99, […]