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Yuke’s Company Of America Is No More

By Spencer . November 4, 2010 . 1:42pm

Yuke’s closed their American branch, which published games like Evasive Space and Neverland Card Battles.

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Yukes And Their Musical Robot Racer

By Spencer . April 7, 2009 . 2:14pm

An upcoming project from Yukes, or should we say their digital download division Akinai Games, leaked on the Internet. Their ESRB rated Beat Runner, a WiiWare game, and offered the following description.   “This is a racing game in which players control a robot that glides through a futuristic racetrack. Players can collect ‘sound orbs’ […]

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Neverland Card Battles: Shuffling Through Loading Times

By Louise . November 3, 2008 . 2:37am

Neverland Card Battles, true to its name, is a card battling game. Imagine an SRPG where instead of picking moves and skills from a set list, you pick them form a deck of cards; that’s the gist of a card-based game.   While I liked the mechanics of the game, Neverland Card Battles seems like […]

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Origins Of Neverland Card Battles, The Yuke’s / Idea Factory Connection

By Spencer . October 6, 2008 . 10:58pm

  Yuke’s is bringing us Neverland Card Battles to us on October 28, which is actually before it comes out in Japan. Since the game is still in development I caught up with Ken Koyama, Product Manager at Yuke’s Company of America, to ask about Neverland Card Battles’ progress and their relationship with Idea Factory. […]

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Yuke’s gives Idea Factory a chance with Neverland Card Battles

By Spencer . August 7, 2008 . 9:30am

Cardinal Arc Portable is coming out in Japan on the PSP in September and it is portable version of Idea Factory’s PlayStaton 2 hybrid card battling / strategy RPG game known as Cardinal Arc. Yuke’s Company of America decided to pick up the PSP version, localize it, and release it as Neverland Card Battle this […]

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Double D Dodgeball rated D for Dull

By Louise . July 28, 2008 . 6:32pm

In honor of the Double D Dodgeball review, I've crafted a simple haiku that summarizes the game nicely.   Video game dodgeball with some retro-like graphics. It's still just dodgeball.   Double D Dodgeball attempts to bring the fun of dodgeball off the playground and onto the Xbox 360 by packaging the game with graphics […]

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Yuke’s talks digital distribution and Double D Dodgeball

By Spencer . June 25, 2008 . 7:25pm

There are only a handful of original Xbox Live games developed Japan that aren’t arcade ports or based on a franchise. Yuke’s Double D Dodgeball is one of them and I spoke to Ken Koyama, Product Manager at Yuke’s Corporation America, about the decision to pick the Xbox 360 as their platform of choice. While […]

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Retro style dodgeball coming from Yuke’s

By Spencer . May 29, 2008 . 8:40am

Yuke’s is no stranger to digital distribution. They developed Go! Sports Ski and Go! Sports Skydiving for the PlayStation 3, both of which were published by Sony. With their first Xbox 360 game, Double D Dodgeball, Yuke’s chose to stick with the sports theme. The initial information about Double D Dodgeball doesn’t really make it […]

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Future media creators work on an Xbox 360 dodgeball game?

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 9:45pm

Besides Neves and Sixaxis controlled downloadable PlayStation 3 games we haven’t seen much from Yuke’s. However, it looks like Yuke’s American subsidiary is working on a project and it’s a dodgeball game. The OFLC has a rating for Double D Dodgeball as an Xbox 360 game. No other details have been announced, but I speculate […]

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Test out tangram puzzles, try Neves with a PC

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 12:46am

Last year Yuke’s released Neves, a touch screen version of tangram with no pieces to clean up. We liked Neves on the DS and if you haven’t tried it here is your chance.    Yuke’s got around to making a flash demo, which starts off with a Russian Dance puzzle. If you complete it within […]

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Neves: Tangram with a touch screen

By Louise . November 19, 2007 . 7:39pm

Like all great ideas, Neves on the DS is so obvious that I don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner.  Neves (which incidentally is seven backwards) is basically a game of tangram on the DS.   What exactly is tangram?  If you haven't played it in elementary school, you missed out.  It's a […]

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Putting together the pieces of Neves and the future of Yuke’s

By Spencer . October 17, 2007 . 3:01pm

You may not recognize the name, but Yuke’s has been in North America for many years. Their studio in Japan is behind THQ’s WWE wrestling games and Konami’s Rumble Roses series.   But wrestling isn’t their only bread and butter. Yuke’s Company of America opened up, a US publishing arm that shuttled out D1 Grand […]

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November nets Neves

By Spencer . October 9, 2007 . 10:56am

In case you were wondering about the fate of Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle DS, I mean Neves I just got an e-mail about it. Yukes says the title has gone gold and it will be distributed by Atlus in November.   The key to Neves is matching up awkward wooden blocks to make figures like a […]

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Sixaxis controlled skiing arrives in September

By Spencer . September 10, 2007 . 3:07am

Yukes, the team behind the plethora of WWE games, isn’t going to have Smackdown vs Raw as their debut Playstation 3 game. Go Sports Ski comes out months before it. Sony has it scheduled to come out on September 28 in Japan. Go Sports Ski has players gently angle the Sixaxis controller forward to speed […]

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Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle DS renamed Neves for the USA

By Spencer . July 25, 2007 . 10:44am

Triangles and trapezoids come together to make swords, squirrels and UFOs in Neves. On the touch screen you can rotate, flip and slide seven pieces to make them match the template of one of the 500+ puzzles in the game. Yuke’s, the minds behind the WWE games, is the developer and they are working with […]

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