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How To Play GungHo’s PsOne Imports: Zanac X Zanac (It’s In English!)

By Sato . December 17, 2012 . 3:34pm

Siliconera is going to post mini-guides on how to play GungHo’s PsOne imports. We picked Zanac X Zanac first and discovered all of the menus and options are in English.

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A Pimped Out Truck Is Delivering A Bunch Of PsOne Imports On Tuesday

By Spencer . December 3, 2012 . 12:26am

Whoa, there are a bunch of PsOne imports coming to a PlayStation 3 and PSP near you. MonkeyPaw (presumably?) picked up an odd bunch of games like Finger Flashing, which is kind of like rock-paper-scissor meets a shoot ’em up.