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Get A Dose Of 3D Dungeon Crawling With Class Of Heroes 3D

By Spencer . January 9, 2011 . 4:31pm

With Class of Heroes 3D x 3D, Acquire wants to bring the Class of Heroes world into the third dimension.

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Class of Heroes 3D x 3D Learns The Ways Of The Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . September 28, 2010 . 7:12pm

Acquire has their first Nintendo 3DS game lined up. Class of Heroes 3D x 3D (temporary title) popped up in a software release schedule.

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Class Of Heroes 3 Has Thousands And Thousands Of Custom Avatars

By Spencer . July 13, 2010 . 4:03pm

Acquire is boasting about the number of avatars players can make in Class of Heroes 3. And that number is over 75,000.

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Can You Guess Class of Heroes 2’s New Classes?

By Spencer . June 25, 2009 . 10:00am

Zero Div is putting the finishing touches on Class of Heroes 2 and its nineteen jobs. If you had your heart on dungeon crawling as a pop idol this game is for you.

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Class of Heroes 2 Has Item Trading, Puppeteers

By Spencer . May 26, 2009 . 12:20pm

Shortly after Class of Heroes schools North America in classic dungeon crawling Class of Heroes 2 will come out in Japan. The sequel has ten races and 19 majors — five more than the first game.

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Pop Singers Promote Class of Heroes 2

By Spencer . May 19, 2009 . 6:12am

Acquire is pushing the Class of Heroes series big time by associating it with pop singers and making a mini anime. Pre-order Class of Heroes 2 in Japan and you get an anime DVD as a gift.

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