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High-Definition Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Announced For PC In China

By Ishaan . March 1, 2011 . 1:31am

While The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki is a PSP game in Japan, Falcom are also developing a PC version…for China.

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Falcom’s Trails In The Sky Series Soars Past One Million Units Sold

By Spencer . February 9, 2011 . 1:55am

Moving forward, Falcom has high hopes for the Trails titles and consider the property a major series.

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Falcom Working On A "Trails Series" For PSP Next Year

By Spencer . December 20, 2010 . 11:06pm

Falcom announced, more like teased, a new game in the Trails series.

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This Week In Sales: Lots And Lots Of New Releases

By Ishaan . October 6, 2010 . 4:33pm

The game overload returns to this week’s sales charts with Okamiden, The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, Monster Hunter, Dragon Ball, Jake Hunter, and two games with a ☆ in the title.

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Zero No Kiseki Leads Falcom To A Trail Of Profit

By Spencer . September 13, 2010 . 10:04am

The PSP game The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki may not be out, but Falcom’s expects high sales and plans to share the profits with investors.

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Welcome To The World Of Zero No Kiseki

By Spencer . July 30, 2010 . 7:52pm

According to Falcom’s president Toshihiro Kondo you’ll spend around sixty hours there.

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Next Legends Of The Heroes Game Coming To PSP In September

By Spencer . July 2, 2010 . 2:39am

Falcom has a brand new entry in the Legend of the Heroes series, one made just for PSP.

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Zero No Kiseki Leads Make Their First Appearance In Ys Vs. Sora No Kiseki

By Spencer . June 2, 2010 . 9:37pm

Before Zero no Kiseki comes out, both lead characters will make their Falcom-verse debut in Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga.

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Zero no Kiseki In Development For PSP

By Spencer . April 23, 2010 . 7:06am

Falcom’s big announcement must be this, a new game in the Legend of the Heroes series.

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