What is Siliconera? This is Siliconera.


Good, (but common) question! Siliconera…


… resets random games to see if Mr. Resetti will pop up.

… knows using Konami code is suicide in Parodius.

… understands Live A Live's play on words.

… imagines many moves before casting “Star” from a distance.

… eats food found on the floor because it recovers health.

… is probably stuck in a giant sticky ball next to a giant enemy crab.

… wonders how a robot can shoot balls of spiritual energy.

… moves to music mixed with flashes of color.

… burns dread, daily.

… learned to cook with the help of Mama.

… viciously shoots through a defensive barrier to get to intergalactic invaders.


… watches the globe.

… finds video games fascinating.

… adores the unusual and the undocumented.

… synthesizes the abstract.

… creates content.


Does this answer your question? Yes or no, you’re in the right place to discover more.


More importantly… what is Siliconera to you? 

  • Irrelevant

    You guys seriously need to make this link more obvious on the front page.

  • Melody Kitn

    Argh, posted in the wrong area (wayta go sleepy cat). And of course, there’s no edit button for me to undo my commenting damage. Ah well, forgive the double posting babble but either way:

    When I wake up in the morning to check my Netvibes, there’s only two feeds I have that lead to gaming news. One is Kotaku, and after I’m done reading that, the other is Siliconera. Although, ironically, I ended up posting Siliconera on my Netvibes after reading an article on Kotaku, with Sili as its source.

    I never actually read much of the articles at first, but after losing out on a high end PC for my hubby on Kotaku, I saw Siliconera had a contest out that was easy to play, so, already dealing with a loss, didn’t hurt to try. A few months later and an unexpected response in the email, I thought it only fair to thank the blog by becoming a more active reader (just not much of a commenter.. I’m shy like that ^^)

    Good thing I did.

    Kotaku has all the big media game news I can catch up on, but in the end, when it comes to articles and the lesser fan favorites, the niche games I love, Siliconera is the blog that does the trick. Harvest Moon, Cooking Mama, JRPGs, and random asian games I’ve never even heard of but look so interesting after reading your articles, those are always present here.

    And the funny bit is sometimes I’ll read about some things here first, like when you reported on Disgaea coming out for the DS, before it even registered on my Kotaku feed.

    Kotaku is the big meaty steak main course on the video game dinner menu, but when you want a delicious exotic dessert to tie up the rest of the night and complete the meal, Siliconera hits that sweet spot and makes the dinner memorable.

  • nika

    so, what is siliconera to me?

    It’s a site about video games that for some reason seems to cover things that (alsmost) always interest me. Unlike a LOT other sites out there that have 10years reading worth of articles that don’t interest me at all.

    Siliconera is the one site I check in the morning, besides my mail, to read some news/previews/reviews/statements/discoveries about video games (or related things) Here I find either things I want to know something about, or new games that I would have never found on my own.

    I love the things you cover, I love the way you cover them, and I love the simple yet extremely easy to use layout =)

  • philemon

    Aww, this topic has already been touched on a number of occasions. Enough with it already, it’s all grand as it is now (despite the late layout change).

    What I really like about SE is this clever mixture of a news site with obscure games, blog about gaming related observations and frequent previews/reports on upcoming titles. All with casual approach.
    Oh, and there’s a lot of it all about *heart* RPGs.

    Exclude me from this contest please.

  • kyrth

    I like that you do original research, and its not just a copy/paste thing from all the other sites with the same stories. Your game reviews don’t seem to be motivated by profit, and they’re good for pointing out things I’m interested in but don’t pay much attention to (your recommendation of Persona 3 comes to mind). I guess I just like that you are oriented around niche games, and since I like niche games, I keep checking the RSS feed for interesting stories, even if I don’t read most of posts themselves.

  • CreatureX

    To me, Siliconera is an amazing gaming blog that offers a unique and original take on what’s going on in the industry. IMO, the best games come from Japan. So I absolutely adore all the Siliconera news on Japanese games that I don’t see anywhere else on the net. Also for some reason it seems 90% of all gaming sites/blogs post their news with such negativity these days. It’s like they forgot that video games are fun. I visit Siliconera every day because, like me, they still have fun playing games!

  • Micah

    I like reading Siliconera because I often find things here that I don’t find at other gaming blogs, obscure stuff that they don’t cover or goes under their radar for whatever reason. I come here to get a completed picture of the gaming environment and future games, not just crap about EA or Ubisoft or whathaveyou.

  • Aaron

    Siliconera is Japan in America. It somehow manages to cover almost every game from Japan (and all over the world), even niche titles and those that will never make it to America.

  • Aoshi00

    I discovered Siliconera from searching reviews on import games back then. Whenever I was on the fence of buying a relatively new game released only in Jpn, chances are I would find it reviewed by SE, intelligently. The literacy level indicator was interesting, but doesn’t directly apply to me since I understand Jpn (don’t mean to boast, but I’m sometimes amazed at how much Jpn doesn’t seem like a foreign language to me anymore).

    I forgot what prompted me to read your site every day, I think it was the informative and friendly posts, written w/o the “higher than thou” jaded attitude, say like Kotaku.. I felt like this is a one-stop that could satiate my gaming curiosity.

    Also Siliconera seems to have quite a sophisticated readership, other posters’ comments are always illuminating as I don’t dwell into the gaming industry scene so much myself, I don’t pay much attention to localization news as I have no need to.

    I suppose other than interesting news about the more obscure games, it’s really the reviews that I like. You guys always give a wide range of games a chance instead of just writing it off due to preconceived notion or ignorance.

    And finally it is your passion in games, that’s what keeps our hobbies “fun”. Because it’s meaningless to play games to brag, to critique, etc.

    Also, like the video links you put up, you always have good taste :)

  • HL

    I was linked to Siliconera from a message board and really clicked with the presentation and type of news posted here. Seeing a fresh take on gaming news with a focus on a variety of games and related topics is certainly appreciated. Especially the attention given to niche titles which is sadly lacking on the net.

    Having a place to get your news in a positive, stylish and creative manner is what makes this site so unique.

  • Six

    Ok so I’m gonna be honest with what Siliconera means to me:

    Siliconera is a great site that does have gaming related news unlike Kotaku or Destructoid. Siliconera is accurate and blunt.

    I first came to Siliconera about a year ago to get all my info of RPG but I found myself coming for all the news in the end. Thank you Siliconera :)

  • kakashi

    I don’t remember how I found Siliconera, but I only read one paragraph and I was hooked. I think that I was looking for a great site that reviewed import games, because the major sites didn’t really have good coverage, IMHO. Also, the reviews on gamefaqs.com aren’t really that subjective.

    Siliconera filled that void in my life — namely, a site that wasn’t so corporate, and was more down to earth. It has exactly what I want to read — good import game coverage. It’s what keeps me reading all the time, and keep coming back for more.

  • It’s a great blog which offers a non-mainstream look at gaming.

    Unfortunately it also suffers from a horrible design which puts all of its text in one column about 1/3 the size of the screen (for those of us with widescreen monitors)

  • Siliconera saved my marriage!

    Siliconera lowered my house payments by 200% per month!

  • Edmund

    In a sentence: Siliconera covers news of Japanese video game culture for a western audience. I work for a big games developer in the West and I’m always surprised and disappointed at how little people in the industry know about the output from the country with the most diverse games industry in the world. As several others have mentioned, there’s also Kotaku, another excellent resource. Kotaku’s coverage is more extensive but often not of interest, Siliconera’s coverage is smaller but tends to be more rewarding.

    When you’ve only got a few minutes a day to catch up on game orientated news, you prefer a source that’s more compact and informative. Kotaku and Siliconera do such a good job that I’ve canceled my long running subscription to a games industry magazine who’d sent me one to many issues with a crass Western developer’s realistically styled character on the front, usually holding a gun.

  • Drkirby

    To me, Siliconera is a place where I can go to to just bluntly get gaming news. Its simple, effective, and realizes content means more then a fancy layout and a well known name.

  • Neo Yor

    A couple of years I was “googling” something (dont’t remember what) and I accidentaly got to this page. After looking it for a moment, page by page, I realised that the news and information this page gives about videogames and stuff was very unique. You will not find a lot of this stuff in pages like IGN.com or Gamestop.com. Things that people know little about like the state of videogames in Korea, previews on imports games, how long has someone had to wait in line to get certain game/console, etc, you can know it from here.

    There aren’t much pages like this on the web, and this discovery shouldn’t be passed by. Since then I have this website in my favourites and I check it about 5 times a day, because is always updating.

    If this page dissapears…., it would be very very bad for me and for the videogame community.

  • Malte

    Siliconera – What is it to me? A good question.

    Almost three years ago, when I was looking for information about games a European user would never see, I came to Siliconera. After taking a look at the Daigasso! Band-Bros. review I was convinced to buy this game which was a pleasant experience.
    In the following months I kept visiting Siliconera. While I was kind of shocked when I saw the black design for the first time, the content proved that this would not turn ot as a downside.

    But then: A new design, a new Siliconera?
    Apparently not. The content was just of the same quality. Better, Siliconera provided even more than before. Over the years I became a fan of the Japanese centred news which were for the most part ignored by the Western media. Without Siliconera I probably would have never heard of games like Mag Kid: Slide Adventure; a game that impressed me due to its unconventional accesory device.

    This might not give a solid answer to the question, but it should give an insight into my opinion of Siliconera. To be more precise, I would say that Siliconera is the mecca for a European gamer who is interested in the Japanese gaming world.

  • Siliconera is my daily fix for alternative video game news…keep the non-mainstream aspect of it, that’s what make siliconera so different and so interesting :)

  • thaKingRocka

    sorry about that. i’ll repost my comments here.

    thaKingRocka Says:
    March 15th, 2008 at 6:03 am

    i first came to siliconera for the import reviews back when i was living in japan. i would run down the review list checking out the literacy levels to see what games i could pick up for ps2 and xbox. the reviews were also helpful, but that literacy level thing was what really drew me. i first came across the site with a google search for “import friendly” or something like that.

    since that time, i have been checking out the site regularly. at first, it was pretty much just for those reviews, but as the site changed, so did my usage. now i read the main page every day, and i like that it keeps me abreast of things that are of interest to me, often outside of the mainstream and most often japan-centered, whether they affect my game purchases or not. it gives me a window to the japanese gaming market, and i like that it is not too big. even with open comments sections, things remain somewhat quiet and mostly civil, generally limited to people who really care and/or have something to say.

    the site has a more personal feel to it than most. if i weren’t such a lazy bum already busy with lesson planning and gaming, i would probably be asking about contributing to the site in some way. the community on siliconera is rather friendly and intelligent and that counts for a lot.

    i know i should just leave well enough alone, but i’d like to add that while having a stable of writers is always helpful, i like the consistency of hearing from the same person again and again. seeing the same name on most articles really adds to that personal feel i was talking about.

    btw, i know the name seems to lose all meaning once the T is removed, but it’s actually Sofmap. sorry, the english teacher in me, while on break at home, still feels compelled to make minor corrections on a regular basis. i hope my semi-frequent posting of corrections doesn’t piss you off or anything.

  • Kareshi

    Siliconera To Me Is a Change Of Atmosphere When I Get My Feed Of News Of The Gaming Industry.

    What Makes Siliconera So Different From Other Site Is That The Articles Arent Biased Toward PS3,WII,360.So This Is Why i Feel good about this site.Plus The News Are Actually Worth Reading Not like some other site witch they Create big fuss with small things . Another Cool Stuff about Siliconera is the Fact that the People who Post Comments Arent All Crazy Fanboys Who Bash People Around For Nothing.PLUS Siliconera Actually Talk About Japanese Games witch im a big fan!

  • If I remember correctly I think I stumbled upon silicon, if that’s what you want to call it. In the Spring of 2006 I was ready to start importing games. One of them on play-asia was linked with a review from here. I think it was a review on the Darkstalkers Chronicles or Children of Mana? Regardless it became my “hey an import review site cool”.

    Slowly but surely after visiting everyday I realized that Silicon is different from every other site. Visiting here is almost like visiting that one mom and pop store you favor over big stores. They know what you like and what’s interesting feeling genuine and not over bearing. Not to mention all the quirks you guys point out never fails to get me. Plus the non bias feelings towards companies/consoles is great. Oh and the other number thing I can count on silicon for are honest reviews. You can’t beat honest opinions from people whom actually play said genres

  • TacoBeaver

    Its really obvious I wont win the prize but, Siliconera for me means originality… awesomeness, randomness, collness, Spencerness, Leviness, vysetheboldness (sorry mods I didnt mention), the fun times and hard times, fun facts, tips and tricks, contests, reviews, well twchnicaly this is wats siliciconera…
    PLAIN FUN!!!!!

    Siloiconera is really at the IGN and GameSpot level for me, its just on of the best websites EVUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, congratz for the dude who won

  • TacoBeaver

    oh and this: since I joined (or commented…) back in March 2007 (wootz tommorrow is my anniversary!!!) I was astonished by how fun this was

  • Icupnimpn2

    Siliconera is the first gaming news site that I check every couple of days when I head online. I’m a big fan of the video game medium, and often what I see on Siliconera is so obscure or foreign that I know it will never make it to the shores of my country. However, as manga has come to dominate the physical book store, and as anime now has multiple aisles in the local Best Buy, I know that more and more of the kinds of titles that just 5 years ago would never make it to the US are starting their way over. Siliconera, then, is cutting edge. It’s like watching Blade Runner, or something. It’s like reading the future that may yet come to pass.

  • Beuzer0

    Siliconera is for me the best internet site to get news for Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Siliconera loves me and I love Siliconera.
    I’m hoping one day enter a more-than-platonic relationship with Siliconera.
    Siliconera also loves awesome games which I do too.
    We’re the perfect couple for the most part.

  • CleruTesh

    I came to this site hoping to find an Egyptian God with breast implants.

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