Where do Babies Come From

aka called Akachan wa Doko Kara Kuru no? and named the Rub Rabbits for areas outside Japan.


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Feel the Magic XX/XY was the quirkiest DS title in the US launch line up. While it wasn’t a smash hit like Super Mario 64 DS, Feel the Magic showed off the DS’ new capabilities in its mini games. Players were captivated by the interface, silloutte art style and the cute story. Sonic Team’s creativity in Feel the Magic XX/XY was what made the game great. In the spirited sequel, Where do Babies Come From players take on the role of another hapless love stuck guy to impress the girl of his dreams.


You start out similarly by seeing the object of your affection up an escalator. To impress her you need to run up the escalator to give her a rose. Players do this by drawing quick lines from the bottom of the screen to the top. The faster you draw lines the faster you run, but watch out for other gentlemen carrying roses who will get in your way. Soon after you impress the girl and go on a few dates you’ll meet a female rival who has a crush on the player. The unwanted third wheel will do anything to get the apple of her eye, including kidnapping the player. She starts out by shooting cannons with hearts that the bound player needs to dodge. Since you’re tied up the only way to avoid an incoming love attack is to rotate the hero using the touch screen. On the screen areas that will get shot with a blast of pink power are indicated by hearts dodge these areas and you win.


Once you escape her grasp with the help of your true love who comes to your rescue you need to leave the island. In this mini game you’re on a tiny raft and you need to steer it using the touch screen to dodge rocks, sticks and incoming crocodiles. Make it to safety and things still aren’t peachy. You’ll have to find food on a deserted island by tossing the girl into the air and catching her. The two will also have to avoid a scorpion attack by climbing trees and shaking them so stuff from the trees falls down. Like the first game there are mini games where it is just you and the girl in a more natural situation than dodging bulls. One game has you try to move closer to the girl during the fireworks. You need to do this while her attention is drawn at the flashing lights in the sky. So you slowly drag the hero over using the touch screen. A less innovative game is where the girl pokes you at your head or the shoulders. You need to remember this pattern and repeat the same poking on the girl to win. While Where Do Babies Come From has a bunch of excellent mini games, some of them are repeated like the partner poking game. Others, like a game where you play Janken (rocks-paper-scissors) against the computer. You have to win ten times and can only miss three before you lose. This game and a few others are just not as interesting as what Sonic Team has created in the past. On top of that other games like the unicycle game where you draw a path with the stylus and a bull chasing boss game are repeats.


Completing mini games in the story mode does a few things. First you’ll progress further in the story and unlock the next mini game. You will also gain the ability to play the same mini game at anytime in the “memories” mode. Heart points are also awarded for completing a game. The less lives you lose, the more heart points you get. These heart points unlock other costumes for the “maniac” mode where you can accessorize the girl. You can also unlock new outfits by searching for hidden rub rabbits during the story sequences. Where do Babies Come From has more to collect than Feel the Magic XX/XY, so if you’re the type of player who wants to unlock everything Where do Babies Come From will keep you pretty busy. If you want to get creative, ditch the entire maniac system and make your own outfit. Using the touch pad you can draw patterns to use for a custom dress or other outfit.


Up to this point, we’ve been showing you what to expect in the single player game, which is pretty much like the original title. Instead of expanding much on the single player experience Where do Babies Come From adds in new multiplayer elements. One of them is designed for a couple to check out. You start by putting in your birthdays, blood types and age. Then you’re presented with a wedding cake on screen. To cut the cake one person controls the knife using the d-pad and the other player with the ABXY buttons. After working together to cut the cake a baby appears based upon the way the cake was cut and the information you input. Another interesting multiplayer game is finger twist. This game is designed for two players with a single DS. An on screen command tells the first player what buttons he/she needs to press and hold. Then an input command shows up for the second player. While the second player tries to figure out how to press and hold the DS the first player needs to continue to hold the buttons. It’s sort of like twister except your spinning the DS around. If you’re fortunate enough to have more than one DS you can play wireless versus games. The wireless games are a definite plus and give Where do Babies come from more replay value than the original game.


Possibly, Feel the Magic XX/XY seemed interesting at the time because it was the only DS title at the time designed with the DS in mind. Players were asked to blow on the screen to blow candles out and use the touch screen to search for buried coins. It was a new experience in the world of gaming. But now more games have taken advantage of the touch screen and used the microphone in creative ways, like in Nintendogs. Because of this Where do Babies Come From doesn’t capture the same appeal as its predecessor.


Import Friendly? Literacy Level: 1

Sorry importers, there’s no English language option in the game. Fortunately, dealing with the Japanese menus isn’t a challenge and the mini games are intuitive enough that you don’t need to read the directions to understand how to play. Also you won’t be missing out on much of the story, since the bulk of the story is told in comic book panels.


US Bound?

Sega has renamed this game as "The Rub Rabbits" and they have it scheduled for a quarter 1 2006 release.


+ Pros: More mini games than the first title and some interesting multiplayer options like creating a baby.


– Cons: Feels more like an expansion pack of Feel the Magic XX/XY, than a stand alone title.


Overall: The thirty plus mini games in Where do Babies Come From are great for quick plays, but this title is really designed for people who absolutely loved Feel the Magic XX/XY.


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