1 Year Worth of PS Plus for $40, Courtesy of Rakuten



Oh sure, the Japanese-owned Rakuten has its own Amazon-like retail website, but would you guess they’d unload some of their best deals on eBay instead? No joke – Rakuten’s eBay Store “buy” (remnant of the they bought out years ago) is unloading cheap PS Plus 12 Month Membership cards for $39.99 with free shipping in the States – a rare $10 off bargain. It’s almost awkward, then, that Rakuten sells 1-year PS Plus cards for $51.99 on its own retail site. ($2 more than the usual $49.99?!?) Rakuten stated a stock of 3,000 available when the deal went live this morning, and so far it’s sold about 1,000 already at the time of writing.


If you’re more of an Xbox LIVE kind of gamer, there are some interesting Xbox Live 1-year deals going on this week as well (also on eBay). Powerseller “neogames” has Xbox Live physical cards for $35.99 with free ship. Alternatively, if you want to go purely digital instead, you can snag 12-month membership digital codes from GamesRocket for $34.95 (though be warn sometimes GamesRocket requires SMS/ID verification to complete a purchase).


For those hoping for a bargain this Summer on console games, this week Best Buy has some decent offers. Take $10 off Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS this week and drop it to $29.99, tying its all-time low. Both Mario Kart 7 and Mario Party 10 + Mario Amiibo are also getting discounts as well, dropping to $19.99 and $39.99, respectively.


Top Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
PlayStation Plus 12-Month Card $49.99 20% $39.99
Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Gold (Physical Card) $59.99 40% $35.99
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold (Digital Code) $59.99 42% $34.95
Mario Party 10 + Mario Amiibo (Wii U) $49.99 20% $39.99
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 3DS) $39.99 25% $29.99
Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) $29.99 33% $19.99


PC Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Games Planet 2015 Summer Sale
NBA 2K16 (Steam) $59.99 20% $48
Blood Bowl 2 (Steam) $44.99 20% $35.99
Act of Aggression (Steam) $44.99 32% $30.49
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (DRM-Free) $59.99 50% $29.99
Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PC DVD) $9.99 80% $1.99


Console Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
PlayStation 4 Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle $449.99 18% $369.99
Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (PS3) $49.99 40% $29.90
The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum (PS3) $39.99 30% $27.99
Wii Fit U with Fit Meter $49.99 50% $24.99
Alien: Isolation Nostromo Edition (PS3) $29.99 33% $19.99
Sony Playstation Silver Wired Headset $39.99 50% $19.99
The Evil Within (PS4, Xbox One) $59.99 67% $19.99
Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) $39.99 60% $15.99
Dark Souls II (Xbox 360) $29.99 60% $11.99
Zombie U (Wii U) $29.99 70% $8.99
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3, Xbox 360) $9.99 40% $5.99


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