Some Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Conversations Rosado Seadall

Looking Back at Some Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Conversations

Fire Emblem Engage does the whole Support and pairing thing a bit different, as there are no paired ends, no romance between characters that aren’t Alear, and you can have multiple A-rank supports between characters. While this is a bit of a letdown, it also means there are a lot more possible relationships and stories to play out. Not all of them end up being incredibly deep. Some are insightful. Others are just funny.

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Since I spent a lot of time going through and collecting them, I wanted to suggest 10 Support pairing conversations in Fire Emblem Engage should try to earn and read.

Editor’s Note: While there will be some vague details about the Fire Emblem Engage conversations, the whole Support between the pairings won’t be revealed.

Amber Jade

Amber and Jade

I started pursuing this pairing because frankly, I was curious as to whether or not they were siblings. (I mean, Pandreo and Panette have the same hair and eye color, and so do Amber and Jade.) They aren’t, but the ensuing conversation is great.

It gets into the duo’s backstories as retainers to Prince Diamant, as well as touches on what Jade writes about when she publishes her books. It’s a fun one!

10 Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Pairings Zelkov Anna

Anna and Zelkov

Okay, this one is good because Zelkov Support conversations in Fire Emblem Engage tend to be funny. This is especially true when a kid character is involved. Things kick off with him taking an interest, because appearances can be deceiving and he’s a genuinely good person. But it ends up getting funny as Anna and him get to know each other and he offers feedback on her business.

10 Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Pairings Lapis Boucheron

Boucheron and Lapis

I liked this one for a number of reasons! First, it offers an idea of what different people’s lives are like throughout Elyos. We get a hint at Lapis’ background. It also shows what a good and considerate person Boucheron is, though that also comes through in Fire Emblem Engage Support conversations with people like Framme too.

Also, I do miss the paired endings a lot, and there’s a subtle hint that Lapis might have a crush on another person in the army here.

Chloe Bunet

Bunet and Chloe

Given Chloe’s love of food and Bunet being a chef, this seems like a natural Fire Emblem Engage pairing. Turns out, it’s a pretty good one! We see the two discuss their specific tastes and Chloe make a request over the course of the C, B, and A rank conversations.

10 Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Pairings Celine Fogado

Celine and Fogado

This conversation chain is fun for a number of reasons. First, we have two royals who are siblings to the ones who will inherit the throne. They’ve spent their lives as designated supporters.

Second, we get to see some diplomacy in action. For all of Fogado’s bluster, he can be quite professional, and this supports that.

Finally, there are some insights into Celine and Alfred’s life that act as foreshadowing.

Citrinne and Diamant

Citrine and Diamant

Don’t worry! Even though Citrinne and Diamant are cousins, this one isn’t going to go anywhere weird. Rather, it’s similar to Celine and Fogado’s as it is an insight into how political and personal relationships differ for royalty. We get to see the cousins act in two different ways, and its fascinating to witness the differences.

Fire Emblem Engage Hortensia and Rosado

Hortensia and Rosado

I’m not a big fan of Hortensia! I don’t really care for her personality or character design. However, I do really like this Support conversation between her and Rosado in Fire Emblem Engage. We see there’s a genuine admiration and friendship between this princess and her retainer. We see how much he cares about her. And even though she gets a bit brusque, we come to understand why she has a bit of an attitude.

10 Fun Fire Emblem Engage Support Pairings Kagetsu Ivy

Ivy and Kagetsu

I am a very big Kagetsu fan, and I like Ivy a lot too. So that only helped make this Support even more appealing. But what we have here is a case of two very different sorts of personalities and character types being tossed together, and that being reconciled in a very pleasant and sweet way over the course of the C, B, and A rank conversations. I also like how we get to see a happier Ivy throughout it.

Panette Pandreo

Pandreo and Panette

The whole series of Support conversations between Pandreo and his little sister Panette in Fire Emblem Engage just makes me want to give these two characters a hug. They’ve been through a lot, and this pairing gives you a chance to see and understand their whole backstory. You find out why she is the way she is, and vice versa.

It almost makes me want to forgive Pandreo for his constant barking and howling.

Yunaka Seadall

Seadall and Yunaka

I have a confession with this one. After I rolled credits, I ended up making a point of immediately unlocking this whole Support pairing in Fire Emblem Engage. I’m not going to say why. But I will say that it is rather funny and further highlights the talents of both Seadall and Yunaka throughout.

Yunaka and Zelkov

Yunaka and Zelkov

Yunaka is very bad at hiding hints about her past throughout Fire Emblem Engage, though she tries to avoid talking about it in Support conversations and during the game. However, in this pairing with Zelkov, she’s very forthright about things. As a result, we get to learn more about both of their backgrounds in a very funny way.

Again, these are only a few of the Fire Emblem Engage Support conversations that especially tickled me or caught my interest. There are tons of supplemental segments like this, and lots of them are worth unlocking and reading.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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