Player Two’s Powerful Super Mario Galaxy 2 Shake



Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn’t the full blown multiplayer Mario game New Super Mario Bros. is, but Nintendo has more things for player two to do than shoot stars at Kamek.


The Japanese site outlines four moves the Luma has during co-op player.


image – Luma can grab collect star pieces for Mario and shoot them by pressing B. This is pretty similar to Super Mario Galaxy.

– See the falling 1up? Luma can grab it for Mario by pointing and dragging.

– If you point at an enemy and press the A button, Luma can stop it. Shake the remote to hit it with a spin attack.

– Luma can also freeze objects and platforms for Mario with the A button too.




All four features sound helpful especially if you want to help a newcomer collect stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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