Valkyria Chronicles 3 Battle Prep And More Nameless Introductions



    Taking place during the same timeframe as the first game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 3 on PSP tells the story of the Gallian Army’s Squad 422 called the “Nameless,” soldiers referred to by code numbers, who take on jobs that can’t be assigned to the regular army.


    Protagonist, Kurt Irving, a disgraced soldier, is part of the this squad, along with Imca, a Darcsen Heavy Weapons Specialist who seeks revenge against the Valkyria for destroying her village. Sega introduce more members of Squad 422 in the video above, which is part of a larger flood of trailers released this week.


    Sega have added a new customization system to Valkyria Chronicles 3 with the Master Table, where you connect lines on the grid to learn new battle potentials. You can catch a brief glimpse of this in the video below:



    And finally, here’s a third video that focuses on the East European Imperial Alliance:



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