Syndicate Script Leak Gives Us A First Look At EA’s Cyberpunk Game

By Spencer . May 25, 2011 . 5:50pm

Syndicate_coverAlong with Deus Ex: Human Revolution cyberpunk games are back in vogue. Electronic Arts has not officially announced the title, but the rumors are true. Starbreeze Studios is working on a Syndicate game with EA.


Bullfrog Productions developed Syndicate, which took place in a future where corporations ruled the world. The European corporation created a perception altering chip that became popular around the world. Corporations, now acting like countries, were at war. In the original game, you were part of the European corporation.


Siliconera acquired chunks of the script for the upcoming Syndicate game. In-game advertisements set up a familiar world – a dystopia where a chip called Dart can alter your memories. News anchors inform us about a diplomatic crisis between EuroCorp and the Gulf over uranium prices. A resistance exists too, a hacker known as Logos attacked the Manhattan Complex and escaped. Other resistance members… aren’t as lucky. Read on to find out the fate of the main character’s mother and father.


Promo Girl – F, 20s

Welcome to the heart of Uptown: the EuroCorp Manhattan Complex. The largest integrated urban structure on the east coast. The place where your dreams, desires, and ambitions may come true.

Apply now for your chipservice contract and become a most valued member of the EuroCorp family.


Scientist, M and F – 30-40, intelligent but jaded corporate researchers.

In a corner you can hear some mumbling from two people sitting in a corner. If you go close you can hear their conversation. They are discussing computer chips implanted in the brain that can change memories.



I heard they’re gonna launch the Dart 6 consumer chip soon.



Yeah. The new Dart Re-Member software looks excellent. Much better than the old versions.


You know what I’d remember?






That I was an agent –they get to sleep with all the hot chicks.



You’re such a loser. Anyway, Drawl did a hell of a job on the new chip.



Y’know. Someone told me she’s a DownZone kid, can you believe that? Got a degree at New Columbia. Yeah, the street in her shines through sometimes. If she keeps that in check, she could go far.



She’s a sharp girl. But we’ll see.



I told Calico off…and so I say to him, ‘where the fuck am I going to get five hundred pristine
kidneys that fast?’



Well, street kids, right? Maybe another DownZone sweep?



Yeah, maybe. But we’re barely keeping up with demand as it is. Ask Irene. Market’s gone
completely crazy the last six months since they launched the Reviveage chip campaign…


Lisa Hart, TV Reporter, F – 25-35


Thanks, Janet. In other news, the terrorist hacker known by the cryptonick “LOGOS” has
been identified as one KRIS DELANEY. The EuroCorp Security Agency suspects Delaney to be
the leader of the subverter cell that has terrorized Manhattan for years, culminating in the
Diamond Hill complex bombing. And later, we take a look at Gulf Partner’s city raft La Ballena and the diplomatic crisis that’s threatening the relationship between EuroCorp and Gulf. Find
out more, after the break.


Ben Lee – News Anchor, Asian, 30s

CNN Type A news anchor’s voice flows onto the station platform from a TV monitor somewhere. It’s BEN LEE, Aspari TV Network’s most popular news anchor:


The blockade by Gulf Partner’s city-raft La Ballena of the Panama canal last week has forced Aspari to concede in the uranium pricing dispute. The blockade has caused staggering losses for local fishing companies.

Protesters gathered today in public places everywhere to express their anger at Gulf Partner’s politics. La Ballena, the world’s largest city-raft, is well known for similar affronts to
international trading standards. Stay with us for more breaking news reports after this.


Father – M, 30-45, opinionated resistance leader.

INT. AN UPTOWN APARTMENT – EVENING …and your FATHER, looking playful.


Hey, little man — whatcha doin’? Hiding?


He laughs, holds you up, and looks at you lovingly.



…will be determined by your credit rating, making it a truly exclusive Uptown product.


Your father snorts in disgust — cracking the playful mood somewhat.



See that? You are what you earn.



Ugh. Don’t start again.



Did you hear that?



Hear what?


Doorbell chimes. You father hands you to your mother who puts her book down.



I’ll get it.



(out of view) Jesus, calm down. I — You hear your father opening the door. An ominous thump, the sound of shoving and struggling.



(in pain, furious and defiant) Who the hell are you — MUFFLED AUTO-GUN FIRE cuts him short. A few stray bullets shoot into the living room and destroy the TV. You hear your father scream. Your father’s ghost voice.



…what the hell they take me for, tryin’ to buy my son…damn corporate agents…


Mother, F, 30-40 -strong, intelligent but fears for the life of her child.



…they’re watching us, from the black van outside…



…he’s watching us again, the man in the black coat…



…the man with the binoculars, he’s looking at us from the other side
of the street…


Your mother holds you on her knees and looks into your eyes, smiling.



Miles, honey. Bet your real sleepy, huh?


She gives you a kiss.



Tomorrow, you and I will go to the —


Noises from the vestibule. You hear your father OPENING the door. An ominous thump, the sound of shoving and struggling. You see your mother’s face flinch in horror.



(to herself) Oh, God. They’re coming.

She leaps up, holding you tight in her arms. Runs towards the BEDROOM DOOR. Your mother kneels beside the bed and places you beneath it. She’s weeping as she lies to you:



Shh. It’s alright. Mommy’s here. Don’t be afraid. It’s all right. Just be quiet.


GUN FIRE pierce through the door and rips through her chest and stomach. She COLLAPSES on the floor in a heap in front of you. She moans and moves a little.


Update: We have a few more bits of the script to share, which will be posted later today (May 26th!). You can read the second part of the script leak here.

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