Grasshopper Manufacture And DeNA Form Joint Venture To Create Mobage Titles


    Mobage platform owner, DeNa, and No More Heroes developer, Grasshopper Manufacture, are establishing a joint venture to develop social games exclusively for the Mobage.


    This new company is provisionally named Grasshopper Social Network Service, Inc and is scheduled to be established in November.


    Once it begins operations, Grasshopper Manufacture will transfer all their mobile games resources to this company, and DeNa will provide support for the company’s development of Mobage titles. The goal of this is to increase the catalogue of high-quality games available on the platform. In case you’re wondering, yes, there are plans to bring these games out of Japan, too.


    One example of an upcoming Grasshopper game on Mobage is No More Heroes. The title will be a “social assassin battle game,” featuring new weapons and characters.


    This week, DeNA reported its eighth consecutive quarter of increasing revenues, with net sales of $457 million for their latest quarter ended September 30th. That’s a 28% increase over the company’s previous quarter. President, Isao Moriyasu, says DeNA are focusing on making “the right investments” for the company’s goals.



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