Fate/Unlimited Codes Is On Sale, Being Taken Down Soon


    If you were ever planning to grab Type-Moon fighter Fate/Unlimited Codes off the PlayStation Network, this is your last chance to do it—Capcom USA just announced that the game will be taken down due to an expiring digital license after June 12th.


    On the bright side, as a special goodbye sale, Capcom have cut the game’s price by 50% to $10 until the time that it gets taken down.


    Fate/Unlimited Codes was originally released in 2008 for arcades and the PlayStation 2. Developed by Cavia and 8ing, it’s a fighting game that features characters from Fate/stay Night and its sequel Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. The game was ported to the PSP in 2009 with extra characters like Saber Alter and Zero Lancer.



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