Capcom Senior VP Wants To Do An Ace Attorney Collection For 3DS


Releasing older games on newer consoles is often an effective way of exposing them to more people, and Capcom USA Senior VP, Christian Svensson, has been wanting to do this with the Ace Attorney series for a while now.


In response to a Capcom forum user asking if an Ace Attorney collection on the Nintendo 3DS would be possible, Svensson replied: “I have proposed this many times over the past two years… no news yet though. Cry Hang in there.”


Meanwhile, an Ace Attorney collection is headed to iOS devices for anyone that’s been looking to get into the series. Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will bring the first three games in the series to iOS in 2013 with higher-resolution art. The trilogy was originally planned for a 2012 release but was subsequently delayed. You can learn more about it here.



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