It’s Official: Batman Coming To Puzzle & Dragons This Week



    We talked about it just yesterday, but now we have official confirmation. Batman will be coming to GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons starting October 30th in both the west and Japan, in a special collaboration marking the release of Batman: Arkham Origins.


     batman_pdra_14 batman_pdra_15 batman_pdra_16batman_pdra_17 batman_pdra_18 batman_pdra_19batman_pdra_20  batman_pdra_22 batman_pdra_23

    The Bat and his fellows will be capturable bosses you’ll fight in an upcoming in-game event, which lasts from the 30th of October until the 12th of November. Batman will be joined by Catwoman, The Joker, Robin and that… Dragon/Batman thingy.


    Puzzle & Dragons is out now on iOS and Android.


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