Resident Evil 6 Prequel Manga Coming To North America


    Manga publisher Viz Media has acquired the rights to the Biohazard: Marhawa Desire manga series, that serves as a prequel to Resident Evil 6, reports Anime News Network. The manga consists of five volumes, and the first will be published in November.


    Here’s a story for the Resident Evil manga series, as provided by Viz:


    The highly virulent C-virus became a global disaster, but where did the outbreak start? In this five-volume manga prequel to the hitResident Evil 6 game with story and art byNaoki Serizawa, the terrifying origins are revealed. At the prestigious and elite Marhawa High School in Singapore, a female student suffers a horrifying transformation. Called in to investigate, Professor Doug Wright and his nephew Ricky find themselves caught up in a deadly and growing tragedy. As things get rapidly out of hand, Chris Redfield and his team from the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance arrive on the scene, while behind it all a mysterious figure looms.


    In non-gaming news, Viz have also licensed the Master Keaton suspense manga series by Naoki Urusawa, Hokusei Katushika and Takashi Nagasaki. The series will debut in North America this December.



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