Circle Entertainment’s DSiWare App Lets You Add Movie Effects To Your Videos

By Ishaan . March 19, 2014 . 3:20pm


Circle Entertainment are among the publishers still releasing games for Nintendo DSiWare, despite the Nintendo 3DS having been available for a couple of years. The latest DSi game they’re publishing isn’t a game at all, but an app or sorts.


I am in the Movie is an app where you can alter the camera feed of the Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS in realtime, adding special effects to it, such as thermal vision, cloaking, morphing, Matrix codes and more. You can also replace the background behind the actor with an image or motion video without the use of a greenscreen. Videos up to 10 seconds can be saved to the SD card as .AVI files.


If you already have a YouTube-ready video, you can import it into the app, and add effects to that. You can also record your own custom sound effects and use them in your videos, as well as add text, change the speed of your video and more. Screenshots can be taken from videos and saved to the SD card as well, as .BMP images.


I am in the Movie will be available on March 27th in the U.S.


iammovie_01 iammovie_02

iammovie_03 iammovie_04

iammovie_05 iammovie_06

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