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This Cute Doujin Platformer Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS In North America



    The Legend of Dark Witch is an indie Nintendo 3DS platformer developed by Flyhigh Works and published by Circle Entertainment. The game features artwork by Gaist Crusher character designer HI-GO and music by composer Light (Under Night In-Birth).


    The Legend of Dark Witch has you playing as a witch named Zizou. You’re trying to retrieve artefacts called “Syega Crystals,” and in order to do so, you’ll have to play through the game’s level, defeat bosses and learn new attacks from them.


    This morning, Circle Entertainment announced that The Legend of Dark Witch will be released via the Nintendo eShop in North America on October 16th. The game will cost $3.99, and you can view a gameplay video of it above, courtesy of NintenDaan.



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