Devil Survivor 2: Break Record’s Durarara!! Characters Are Free, But Other Maps Are Paid DLC


    ds2-dlc01 Devil Survivor 2: Break Record has characters from the Durarara!! anime series as downloadable content. Izaya Orihara is available now and he has Blade Attack’s Blind Spot as a skill, a physical attack that can inflict Shock status on an enemy.


    A survival mission where you defend a demon to befriend it and A Beginner’s Map that makes it easier for players to earn macca and complete the demon compendium are also free to download.


    ds2-dlc02 ds2-dlc03


    Similar to Shin Megami Tensei IV, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record has paid maps designed to level players up. Four maps are available – one that makes it easier to get add-ons, another gives players lots of macca if you can defeat demons running away, a map that makes it easier to gain experience, and map with memory cards so you can learn skills. Each map costs 150 yen.


    ds2-dlc04 ds2-dlc06 ds2-dlc05  ds2-dlc08


    Shizuo Heiwajima, another guest from Durarara!!, will be available on February 5.



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