Zeabolos And Faust Speak In The English Trillion: God Of Destruction Screenshots


trillion 10


Idea Factory International’s next PlayStation Vita JRPG is a darkly romantic one. In Trillion: God of Destruction, the goal is to help Zeabolos prepare six overlord candidates so they can face and stand strong against Trillion, a boss with 1,000,000,000,000 HP. That means visual novel elements, dungeon crawling, and major boss fights as you prepare six woman to fight the creature and halt its advancement. (And also maybe romance them. There are 10 endings, after all.) Now, it’s possible to see how it looks in English, thanks to new screenshots.


The latest Trillion: God of Destruction screenshots aren’t text heavy, but still allow a glimpse at a few characters. We see Zeabolos in his prime, right as he’s about to face Trillion, Faust when she first meets Zeabolos, and Levia, the Envy Crest bearer who’s Zeabolos’ best friend. The battle screenshots also show Trillion himself, as well as Mammon, the woman who holds the Crest of Greed.


trillion 3 trillion 4 trillion 5 trillion 6 trillion 7 trillion 8 trillion 9 trillion 11 trillion 0 trillion 1 trillion 2


Trillion: God of Destruction will be released this spring for the PlayStation Vita. It will also be PlayStation TV compatible. Idea Factory International has been updating the game’s website regularly with new content.


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