Zero Escape Creator To Reveal A Fascinating New Adventure Game In The Near Future



Fans were hoping to see a new game announcement from Kotaro Uchikoshi during Spike Chunsoft’s GDC 2018 event on Friday, but the Zero Escape series creator says not to worry because we’ll get a glimpse of “the most fascinating adventure game in the galaxy” in the near future.


Here’s the tweet from Kotaro Uchikoshi’s English account:


Here’s what the tweet says:

“Please don’t worry. Everything is going well. In the near future you will get a glimpse of the most fascinating adventure game in the Galaxy. And your jaw will drop into the mantle of the Earth with great astonishment beyond description. Please look forward to that! Thank you!”


Kotaro Uchikoshi’s last game was Zero Time Dilemma which first released in June 2016 for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC release, followed by a PlayStation 4 release in August 2017.


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