Fate/Grand Order Arcade Adds Two Beauties Kiyohime And Mata Hari To Its Launch Roster



Type-Moon revealed two more playable Servants to the launch roster of Fate/Grand Order Arcade with the Berserker-class Kiyohime and the Assassin-class Mata Hari.



Class: Berserker

Noble Phantasm: Samadhi Through Transforming Flames

004 005



Mata Hari

Class: Assassin

Noble Phantasm: Mata Hari – The Girl Who Has Sunny Eyes

001 002



With the reveal of Kiyohime and Mata Hari, we now have all 20 playable Servants for the launch roster of Fate/Grand Order Arcade:



We can expect to see more Servants added in future updates. A location test is set to take place in Japan starting June 14, 2018.


Fate/Grand Order Arcade launches in Japan in late-July for arcades.


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