SoulCalibur VI Season Pass 2 Shows Off The New Moves For Its Roster


soulcalibur vi season pass 2 tira new battle move


SoulCalibur VI Season Pass 2 isn’t just going to add event more characters to the roster. It is going to make existing characters a little more interesting. Bandai Namco has released an almost two minute long trailer that focuses only on “brand new moves” for people that are already a part of the cast. These new attacks don’t have names yet, but people can see how they all work.


The SoulCalibur VI brand new moves video begins with Mitsurugi using a new attack. After that, Taki, Talim, Zasalamel, Maxi, Voldo, Mi-na, Ivy, Kilik, Cervantes, Geralt, Groh, Raphael, 2B, and others show their stuff.


Here is the almost two minute trailer looking at all of the new SoulCalibur VI Season Pass 2 special attacks.



SoulCalibur VI is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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