$27 Tekken 7 and 18% Off Sword Art Online in Bandai Namco PC Sale


This weekend we’re noticing some pretty swell deals on Bandai Namco titles for the PC platform. At Fanatical (the retailer formerly known as Bundle Stars), they’ve been running a “Launch Sale” to celebrate their name change. A new batch arrived earlier this week and a ton of Bandai Namco releases are at up to 78% off, with Tekken 7 being the noteworthy game at only $26.99 after coupon FANATICAL10 (takes 10% off most games sitewide). Two other titles at a new low price point is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 which is only $17.99 for the Standard Edition and Tales of Berseria for $24.99.


What’s nice is that while the aforementioned 10% code doesn’t apply for unreleased Bandai Namco published titles (Ni No Kuni II is excluded), you’ll be able to use it on .hack//G.U. Last Recode, which was released earlier this month for the PC. And over at GamersGate, you can also pick up Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization or Accel World VS. Sword Art Online for 18% off. Both of these Sword Art Online titles have actually been rarely discounted even in PC digital format given publishers have been less inclined to offer pre-purchase incentives in recent months.


The Bandai Namco titles on sale at Fanatical will expire on Thursday morning at 11 AM Eastern later this week, while no clear expiration are available for the Sword Art Online titles at GamersGate.


Sword Art Online List % Off Sale Price
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe (Steam) $49.99 18% $40.99
Accel World VS. Sword Art Online Deluxe (Steam) $49.99 18% $41.19


Use coupon: FANATICAL10 List % Off Sale Price
.hack//G.U. Last Recode (Steam) $49.99 15% $42.74
Tekken 7 (Steam) $49.99 46% $26.99
Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition (Steam) $74.99 37% $47.24
Tales of Berseria (Steam) $49.99 50% $24.99
Dark Souls III (Steam) $59.99 64% $21.59
Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition (Steam) $84.98 55% $38.24
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Steam) $39.99 73% $10.79
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Steam) $49.99 64% $17.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Deluxe Edition (Steam) $79.99 55% $35.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bundle Edition (Steam) $64.98 78% $14.62
Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Steam) $39.99 78% $8.99
Get Even (Steam) $29.99 55% $13.49


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